Johnny Depp Goes on a Bender in Trailer for ‘The Rum Diary’ (VIDEO)

Movie star Johnny Depp finds himself channeling Hunter S. Thompson once again in the booze-filled trailer for The Rum Diary.

The film, which (finally!) opens on Oct. 28,  stars Depp as an American journalist whose predilections for alcohol and, uh, other things send him on a drunken and hallucinatory path while on assignment in Puerto Rico.

Along the way he meets an evil businessman, played by Aaron Eckhart, and his so-hot-she’s-hot girlfriend, Amber Heard, star of NBC’s upcoming series, The Playboy Club.

Sure, it may not bring in as much cash as the ‘Pirates’ series, but c’mon: a movie that stars Johnny Depp? We’ll drink to that.

Check out the trailer below.