Kathy Griffin Pulls a Jim Carrey, Posts Love Message to Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Biebs' Wardrobe Whoops!
Justin Bieber arrives on stage with his fly down.
Bieber Shirtless in Miami
Justin Bieber lounges around while on Miami vacay!
First “comedy giant” Jim Carrey, 49, and now Kathy Griffin! Video love letters are all the rage for celebrities over 40 this week. After Ace Ventura pledged his love to Emma Stone, 22, via Internet, D-List star Kathy decided to express her feelings for 17-year-old Justin Bieber. 

Like Jim said in his video for Emma, Kathy also thinks Justin is “all the way beautiful.” The 50-year-old comedian continues, “If I could, I would marry you. Oh, that’s actually not true. It’s messy, Justin. There’s a distribution of assets. We would just go steady.”

Kathy jokes that she’d liked to have kids with the “Baby” singer if she “has one egg left.” Despite her “feelings” for the Biebs, there is one problem. 

“I’m a lot older than you Justin Bieber. I’m 29, 39, 49. Just look me up. I have lines under my ass and gray hair in my beard.”

She rounds out this spoof love message by telling Justin, “Anyway, you are special and I hope you continue to have artistic fulfillment. … This isn’t weird at all. You’re the one who’s crazy. Love, Kathy.”