Kim & Kris Hand-in-Hand on Honeymoon in Italy (PHOTOS)

Kim the Bride!
Kim Kardashian Wedding Photo
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The wedding madness has subsided and now Kim Kardashian is able to relax with her new husband Kris Humprhies as they stroll the streets of Naples, Italy on their mini honeymoon. 

The lovebirds held hands (Kim's HUGE rock was still on display) as they explored the city, and stopped off to enjoy a romantic dinner. The petite reality star chose flats for their excursion and a stunning maxi dress perfect for a getaway. Meanwhile, her super-tall hubby wore a blue button-down shirt, shorts, sneakers and a baseball cap. 

Following their mini vacay, Kim, 30, will return to the states to film Kim & Kourtney Take New York City. A Kardashians' work is never done! The newlyweds opened up to People Magazine about their wedding, Kim comparing her special day to being in "heaven." Kris, 26, added, "I’m going to remember how perfect it was."

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  • Mimi

    You look so cute Kim, May I know where can I get a dress like yours

  • estelle nadege N
    estelle nadege N

    kim you cash such a wonderfull husband. may God blesse(bénir in french) your marriage. kiss

  • eukarys

    eres lo mejor kim..

  • chula

    that not true she is pretty women ok u are the fat one ok we never no is that fame but still she is the most beutiful girl in the show and she is not getting old mama ok

  • marly

    God this man is really high

  • thegreatestmanalive

    She looks like his little sister

  • Seannet Tusweet Anno
    Seannet Tusweet Anno

    he's very tall

  • Marian Apple-Drago
    Marian Apple-Drago

    love her dress <3

  • Sharon Philbrook
    Sharon Philbrook

    I'm not trying to be mean but these two look ridiculous together. Maybe she figures he makes her look smaller than just shorter.

  • Linda Dupree
    Linda Dupree

    How much did they have to pay him to marry her, for one she ain't all that her bootie is to big she is getting fat in all the wrong places and she looks old. it is as if she is always trying to push her self where she don't belong like being a presenter at the awards show. and he is a giant with no brains. Why else .would he marry her. he does not even know her. He was not around long enough to know her, no one else wanted her who had money and he was the easiest available slup the network found to marry her. its all a farce. Now Kloe and Lamar that's true love ans Kortney and her man is true love but this is just desperation on Kim's part and it shows as she leads him around because he is so tall he can not see close to the ground.

  • Deborah Bunny Chambers
    Deborah Bunny Chambers


  • Trini Estrada
    Trini Estrada

    He's huge!!

  • francisca

    se ven muy bien ..cariños y felicidades para ellos...

  • vwarhe

    She is having the wife looks. Am loving this.

  • sue

    never trust a man who won't wear a ring....this marriage will not last long...

  • adrian

    where is the ring?

  • Sage White
    Sage White

    Nicole, I saw that too. It bugs me, although I shouldn't care. They look about as happy as 2 rocks.

  • Maísa Fernandes
    Maísa Fernandes

    Linda muitas felicidades.

  • courtneybaaaby

    cute daddy and daughter holding hands, now thats just precious <3

  • iwishonastar


  • Nicole

    that's a crock of crapola!!! either you're being sarcastic or you're a teeny bopper

  • Nicole

    i like how he drags her around by the wrist all the time

  • just a girl
    just a girl

    He's a basketball player... he needs no pressure on his hands!!!!!!!

  • Alexandraaa

    that dress is so unflattering

  • me

    why doesn't he wear the ring... i it was my husband he would have to wear it!

  • Susan Kunin
    Susan Kunin

    Can anyone tell me why anyone cares about these people? They are so unimportant in the scheme of things and are basically famous for being famous. Get a life!!!

  • ebony

    Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wont last a year. Kris Humpries is ugly. Kim Kardashian is crazy to marry Kris Humpries after 9 months of knowing each. I feel like they should have got married after a 1 year of knowing each other. Kris Humpries asshole. He was reud to Kim Kardashian's family.

  • TT

    Why hasn't anyone noticed he doesn't even wear a wedding band?!!

  • Kathryn Purdy
    Kathryn Purdy

    No ring on Kris? this marriage is NOT going to last...he is looking for fame

  • Zusakhe Zush
    Zusakhe Zush

    happy new life to kim may god bless them...