Liam Hemsworth Reveals His Man Crush on Pro Surfer Kelly Slater & Other Celeb-on-Celeb Crushes

Watch out, Miley Cyrus – it looks like her beau Liam Hemsworth has a little crush!

The hunky 21-year-old Australian actor, who has been dating the 18-year-old singer on and off for a couple of years, recently admitted to a little man crush on pro surfer Kelly Slater!

In an interview with VMan magazine, they asked him who is one non-actor male who he admires, to which Liam replied:

“[Slater] has won 10 world surfing titles. That’s definitely something to admire.”

Liam also opened up about his love of surfing and said:

“I have always loved surfing. When I was at school that was pretty much all that mattered in my life. Most of my friends surfed so we would go before school, after school, literally whenever we could.”

Liam isn’t the only Hollywood dude to admit a feelings of admiration for another fella! Stars like Ryan Reynolds, Robert Pattinson and more have all openly admitted to crushing on the likes of Zac Efron.

And let’s not forget about the ladies! Brooklyn Decker has revealed Jennifer Aniston as her girl crush. Can you blame her? Jen did win an award for a decade of hotness after all.

So, who are some other celebs who have admitted to same sex crushes? Click through the gallery to find out!