Readers Respond: Are Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Moving Too Fast?

should they slow down?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have taken things to the next level in their relationship by moving in together, and while we love these two as a couple, is it the right decision?

Although they've only been together for a few months, according to People, J and J have temporarily moved into a home in the Hollywood Hills while they search for something more permanent.

We decided to ask our readers on Facebook if you think they made the right move (literally) or if they should slow down.

Love X. thinks that these two could slow down a bit: "Yes a tad bit too fast."

Trisha M. thinks that they are free to do what they want: "Who cares its there business!!!"

Elita C. is loving this news! "Glad for Jen , seem he is the man for her :) Go Jen !!!!"

Monica D. says more power to her! "Who cares??!! She deserves to be happy after Brad did her wrong!"

Jesica A. says it depends on the couple: "My fiancé and I moved into after being together for 1 month and that was 2 years ago! Everyone is different. It can work for some but not everyone."

Andrea U. is happy for Jen: "Team Aniston! As long as she is happy, that's all that counts."

We think Maxine X. sums it up best: "So happy for the both of you hope everything works out all the best x"

So, the overall consensus seems to be that even if it is too fast, as long as Jen is happy that is what matters! We have to admit, we agree. Do you? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Kae

    Who ever said she was "really" happy with Brad anyway? Seriously, they would have broken up either way (Angie or no Angie). Besides, Jenn broke up a long-term relationship as well .... let's not forget that. She's on the same level as Angie now.

  • Sami Snail
    Sami Snail

    And for Andrea U - here we go again, with that 'Team Aniston' bs. Clear proof that mass marketing and repetition will draw the brainwashed bimbos in. So Andrea U, is Aniston's 'happiness' all that matters? Damn everyone else, right? Heidi was just collateral damage and should suck it up because SAINT JEN has the right to come in and trample on the little people and steal men, because her highness 'deserves happiness'?? Are you serious? WHAT ABOUT HEIDI BIVENS' HAPPINESS??? And Heidi Bivens DIDN'T deserve happiness? She deserved be totally blindsided by predator Aniston's actions? Is that what you're saying? That ever other homerwecker is condemned to hell, but Aniston gets a free pass because SHE supposedly 'deserves' happiness more than others? What kind of sick immoral logic is that? If the only way Aniston can get happiness is by stealing another woman's man, she is a sack of shit, and so too are her slimy, moral gymnastic apologists who would excuse murder for Aniston because 'she deserved happiness'. She is a greasy slut. A homewrecking man-stealing evil piece of garbage and its about time she got the pain she deserves. And to the brainwashed drippy fawnistons excusing EVERY thing she does, I hope to god, that someone takes YOUR man away. To Monica D, wow you really have it ALL WRONG! The trashloid HOAX of an affair was debunked long ago. brad DID NOT do jen wrong. In FACT, on the CONTRARY! It was Jen who treated Brad like sh1t, used him to get into Hollywood and threw away her marriage and her vows when she no longer had use for him. She is lower than snake's sh1t for what she did to Brad, and now to Heidi, WAKE UP and see Aniston for what and who she TRULY is, you brainwashed Jenbot! Aniston is sh1t in the sewer and she deserves EVERY bit of pain and MORE that karma will be bringing her. At least karma has rewarded Brad, after all she did to him. Aniston is lower than a maggot poo.

  • Sami Snail
    Sami Snail

    If this was any other couple who got together after having an affair, you and the media would preface your articles with a line about her cheating scandal with Justin, and you know it. But when it comes to Aniston, she GETS AWAY WITH SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE WOULD. What is it with the media and public, that they are so 'Jonestowned' by her? It makes me sick how so many people are so blind-sided by this manipulative bitch that they will excuse away with Anistion what they would condemn others for. Wtf is it, that makes these people do so many moral gymnastics? The 'marriage' excuse is old and doesn't work, so give it up. This is not the 1800s. Heidi and Justin had a relationship, a home and a life together. They shared a home and a life for FOURTEEN YEARS, more than *twice* Aniston and Brad's merge - er, marriage of convenience. 14 years is a long time. For 14 years, Justin and Heidi were common law spouses who had a home and a life together. Her fans need to put down the Anistonaid and do the decent thing and call her out on her behavior. I am so sick of the brainwashed starry-eyed loonifers who will bend over doing acrobatic contortions rivalling any olympic gymnast, to excuse and defend EVERYTHING Aniston does. She is an evil cold-hearted bitch, a homewrecker, and garbage. I hope she rots in hell and karma does to her what she did to another innocent and unsuspecting blindsided woman.

  • shirlene kenny
    shirlene kenny

    Who cares!!

  • Focus

    Rosie why don't you do everyone a favor, draw a forest and get LOST!!

  • Rosie

    Really?? what Brad did to her? This guy was in a relationship for over 5 years and he left her for Jen. And what happened to Jen "wanting" to have kids, which was what she said after comments that Brad wanted kids and she did not. He has how many? and she has???; She did the same thing to a relationship, cannot use "not married" these people were living together as husband and wife. She is no better than any one else.

  • courtneybaaaby


  • Jojo

    I wish them all the best of luck and God's blessings ever

  • courtneybaaaby

    who cares if she is, its her life, let her live it.