The Meet & Greet: Alice St. Clair Talks Being Kate Middleton

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Almost every girl has fantasized about being a princess or marrying a prince. Luckily for Alice St. Clair, she gets to do both! In her new TV movie William & Catherine: A Royal Romance, St. Clair plays Kate Middleton who, as we all know from the recent Royal Wedding, marries Prince William!

Although the film will only depict Kate and William’s relationship from their time at University of St Andrews to the proposal, Celebuzz couldn’t be more envious of Alice’s chance to live every girl’s childhood dream! We caught up with the British actress to talk about her transformation into the Duchess of Cambridge.

How does it feel to portraying a princess and being involved in documenting a momentous occasion in British history?

It’s incredibly exciting! She such a current character at the moment—someone who people are so interested in. Obviously, they auditioned a lot of people for the role and I’m very happy and lucky to be involved in it and in something with such wonderful people attached to it. It’s really exciting!

How did you prepare for the role?

I did do a lot of factual research. I found out where she was from, where she grew up and the history background. The part of the film we’re portraying is the part when she’s at St Andrews to the proposal, so although a lot of it was based on research, a lot of it was also me calling upon my own experiences of 20-something year old falling in love. I did a lot of preparation calling upon my own life. 

Why do you think England has fallen so in love with Kate Middleton?

She’s a positive person—obviously, there’s that elegance and poise that people look up to. She seems to be truly in love. They met at a young age, they took their time with their relationship and now it’s sort of like a fairy tale but it’s real life. I think she’s just the perfect princess. She transformed so brilliantly into the role. She seems so at ease and unfazed with it. I think she really just caught people’s heart.

Do you see any similarities between you and Kate?

In many way, there are similarities and differences. We grew up in a similar way. In fact, I lived in a place called Berkshire and we grew up in similar little villages about 20 minutes away from each other. I know the schools she went to as well. I know she went to an all girls boarding school. I didn’t go to that one but my sister did. So, we are raised in similar ways, I suppose. For that reason, I can kind of relate to her in certain ways.

Speaking of your upbringing, your dad is not only an Earl but he’s also the security chief for the Queen. What was it like growing up around that?

We’re a very close family and we’ve grown up in a way no different to anyone else. My father’s job is something very private. It’s such a private matter and such a private job that it’s just something we don’t talk about. He goes to work and when he comes back home, it’s like he’s dad again. We tend not to ask him about what goes on because he is very discrete and doesn’t like to talk much about it. For that reason, his job has never really affected us.

How did you dad react when he heard you that would be playing Kate Middleton?

[Laughs] Oh God, he was so excited! He was absolutely so proud! I was very excited to tell him, of course. The whole family was very proud. I wanted to do this my whole life and they’ve all seen me as the young girl wanting to do this, so they were just really happy and proud. They’re all looking forward to see it. They’re coming over for the premiere!

Did he give you any advice?

Sadly not! He’s just incredibly discrete. My mum always teases him and calls him “Britain’s Most Discrete Man” because we all want to hear news of what happened but he doesn’t tell us. We’ve all learned that it’s not our place to ask him so I didn’t ask him what Kate is really like. He’s very discrete and I’ve always been in admiration of him for that.

You kept your royal connection from the director. Why is that?

I suppose the fact didn’t really arise particularly, so I didn’t lie really about it but I definitely didn’t make sure people were aware either. I didn’t want it to affect me playing Kate. I don’t think it would have affected it but I wanted to know personally that it didn’t factor in the casting in anyway—not that it would because Linda [Yellen] was looking for the right person to play Kate.

How did she react?

When I finally told her, she wouldn’t and couldn’t believe it! She was like, “It was so meant to be in so many ways!” It was kind of a funny circumstance.

We all know Kate has become a style icon. What do you think are some wardrobe staples that every girl should have?

I am obsessed with Doc Marten shoes! I love them! I have so many pairs—the boots and the shoes. I love them so I’d say they are a must-have, but sadly it’s summer so I have to move on from the Doc Martens because it’s so hot. I personally like a very British style—lots of ruffles and lace things. I’m a very fan of dresses. I like sort of a 60’s fashion, I suppose.

Since we’re talking about style, will we see Kate’s infamous see-through dress in the movie?

[Laughs] You will! I can reveal that you will! Absolutely! You can imagine that I was a little nervous about that. They did a great job matching the dress exactly. There’s definitely that scene to look forward to!

William & Catherine: A Royal Romance premieres on the Hallmark Channel on August 27 at 9 PM ET! Meanwhile, check out the film’s teaser below!