Will Smith & Jada ‘Need To Be Open About Their Fears,’ Expert Says

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Power couple Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith appear to be sticking together despite the supposed split (and possible cheating) rumors that surfaced earlier this week. The pair claimed “our marriage is intact,” but couples therapist Dr. Michelle Golland tells Celebuzz having to deal with the media whirlwind will still put a strain on their marriage.

 “The stress on celebrity couples can be enormous because no marriage is perfect. There can be issues that need to be addressed. When you are a celebrity, people are pointing out the negative in a public manner. The public persona can cause a couple to become anxious or worried — when in reality there was nothing to actually worry about.”

Below is the rest of Celebuzz’s conversation with Dr. Golland:

How can Will & Jada move forward as a couple?
Will and Jada Smith will be able to move forward if they are communicating about the impact of these rumors on each of their own emotions. When celebrities are under fire from tabloid magazines regarding infidelity, couples need to be open about their fears or concerns and address them head-on through open dialogue or to use a professional when you hit the rough spots.

The best way is to not read all the junk that is being written about them. The way to move forward is to live your life and remember that celebrity has a painful ugly side that can’t be avoided. When these events happen, they can often make a couple even stronger because they have to trust each other and realize that the only people we need to care about are each other and our children.

Will and Jada have three children, who will be hearing these rumors. How will this affect them?
As parents, the best advice I can give them is to explain to the kids that they are OK and that the family is OK. They can use this as a time to reinforce what matters most in their lives and explore the challenge that the kids may feel themselves being celebrities or the children of celebrities. I always suggest using these challenges as teachable moments for our children.

Will & Jada were spotted out yesterday for a “happy couple” photo op. Was this a good move?
Will and Jada need to be themselves and if they were out being happy and then it is a good thing for them and for their kids.

Do you think they should take time to focus on each other and put their careers on hold?
Couples, whatever their occupations are — whether actor, singer, doctor or car salesman — need to evaluate at times where they are in their marriage and relationship. It should be done to check in and see where each of them are at emotionally, physically and spiritually as a couple and individually. No careers need to be put on “hold” per se but attention and reflection are always necessary in a happy, connected and authentic marriage.