Hurricane! Celebs Braving Nature’s Wrath (PHOTOS)

Pants-Ditching Celebs
No pants, no problems!
Rain! Wind! Floods! Sharks in the freaking streets?! Hurricane Irene is packing quite the punch this weekend, and while none of these photos are really from the current storm — it just seemed so right to revisit a favorite gallery of ours.

Just like normal people, sometimes celebrities have to forego the luxuries of limousines, valet service and private jets and just brave the elements. Whether it’s trudging through snowstorms or getting pelted by sideways rain in monsoon-like downpours, Celebuzz has compiled the very best photos of celebrities getting down and dirty with nature.

So, if you’re in the path of Irene, hunker down, stay safe, and check out these photos to perhaps make yourself feel better.