Beyonce Is Pregnant! Debuts Baby Bump at VMAs (PHOTOS)

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Beyonce Knowles seems to be officially pregnant!

In a shocking turn of events, the 29-year-old singer debuted (what appeared to be) her baby bump on the Video Music Awards red carpet on Sunday. Twitter blew up with the news that she told the waiting paparazzi that she is expecting her first child, and now JustJared is confirming that Beyonce is indeed pregnant. B's rep then confirmed to People, saying: ""I'm happy to say it's true."

MTV broke the news, tweeting: "OMG Beyonce just made a huge announcement on the #vma carpet! #baby!!!!!"

Recently, Beyonce said that she had hoped to be pregnant before her 30th birthday, which is just a few weeks away in September. She told Piers Morgan on CNN in late July:

"I always said I'd have a baby at 30," she said. "I'm 29. But I also said I was going to retire at 30. I'm not retiring ... I feel great and I feel like 30 is the ideal age, because you're mature enough to know who you are and to have your boundaries and your standards, and not be afraid, too polite -- but you're young enough to be a young woman."
If true, big, big congrats to BK and her hubby Jay-Z!



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  • Leoni

    She is the most beautiful pregnant lady i have ever seen,xxxxx

  • Dionne Batiste
    Dionne Batiste

    it looks like u is going 2 have a baby girl!!!!!

  • Dionne Batiste
    Dionne Batiste

    miss b you look good n orange!!!!

  • Dionne Batiste
    Dionne Batiste

    didn't ur mother tell u if u don't have nothing good 2 say don't said anything!!!!asshold

  • Yolanda

    Hey B!very happy for u!!I'm pregnant too,about 5 months now,just wanted to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS,you'll make fantastic parents.

  • cristy

    B K i wish u d best and also a safe delivery

  • becky

    am S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ happy fσя̩̥̊ U̶̲̥̅̊ queen b am ur biggest fan nd i love U̶̲̥̅̊

  • Frankie Nelson
    Frankie Nelson

    Queen B...&...king Jay...i wish u guys all d bst especially to u my favourite female artist have made the right choice...i can't wait to hear the cry of Jr Jay-Z or Jr delivery.

  • meron

    Love you so much

  • Omotee

    Ummmmmm.i tot i would nvr see diz,bt finaly hr it cr of (HER)WINKZZZZ 4 me.k, B.bye

  • Kylie Coxhill
    Kylie Coxhill

    hes a troll a typically life long LOSER who has nothing better to do with his time.... TROLL!!!

  • Gilbert

    Congratulations Beyonce & J-z ,warm welcome to ta new celeb...

  • gundo

    omg. Congrats

  • Ria Khan
    Ria Khan

    WoW great news being a crazy fan of Beyonce i am really surprised to hear this news and see it that Beyonce Pregnant 2011. It means year 2011 is a very lucky and happy year for my favourite celebrity Beyonce. I congradulate her on this great NEWS and wish her best of luck in her coming days which must be very important and worthy for her. Love you Beyonce waiting for your baby NEWS.

  • lulu

    I'm so happy for you guys! "B" girl your gonna be the best mom for your baby! Jay-Z, man you look proud, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you guyz congrAtz!

  • Mightysaint

    Jay z truely you are a man

  • lajuana brown
    lajuana brown

    Congratulation Beyonce n Jay Z Hello Beyonce just wanting to congratulate u n Jay on the new gift God has bless u with,I knw dat u will b a great mother as well as a good role model.May God continue to bless u n every way I love u n keep going strong.

  • Verona L. Davis
    Verona L. Davis

    Beyonce, you an JayZ look so sweet together. J looks so proud, best of luck to the new parents to be.

  • Nafisa

    Congrats Beyonce and Jay

  • fiona

    Congratulation new mamma.....!

  • sammytristan

    Awww I love B! She's so amazing in every way...can't wait to see what the lil one will look like... :) I just hope the baby gets her looks & not Jays! he got some big ass lips! lol anyway happy for them! She's a smart one...and I love that about her, she & I have a lot of the same views on marriage & kids & just life in general. But yeah, stunning pictures! So sweet <3 :)

  • nyarie

    I,m happy for both of you. Beyonce and Mr Carter. Biggest Fan. Haters sit down!!

  • Shivone

    Sooooo happy for Them. They both deserve it. It's so nice to see a young couple make it. I love how they don't let the Media and all the drama get into thier marriage.

  • Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro
    Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro


  • minisaur

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  • moji dasilva bella
    moji dasilva bella

    I'm so happy for Mr nd Mrs Carter..

  • lilkaykay938

    i cant beleave!!!! this so amazing!!! [img][1]-340_453.jpg[/img] check it out

  • narla72

    An admirable woman who has a career, marriage and now kid(s). Congrats to Mr and Mrs Jay-Z

  • narla72


  • Lisy Gonzalez
    Lisy Gonzalez

    ??????? SMH

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    She is gonna become a fatty fat. She better watch it. Eek.

  • Mandy

    she's gorgeous, strong, and matter what anybody says.

  • Debbie Willson
    Debbie Willson

    Checker - I think your a phony and u only want to get people riled up - and that makes you nothing but a jerk.

  • Paula

    she looks stunning! Im happy for her and jay z xo

  • k..!x

    F*** U!!!..RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tk

    Congrats madam..wish u safe delivery..dont dance d baby away o

  • Kayla

    Congrats Beyonce! Wish you and the baby good!

  • Kay

    Congrat, u shall deliver safely.

  • Checker

    just telling the truth. she should know her place. as a woman AND as a negro!

  • sona


  • chinenye okafor
    chinenye okafor

    Soooooooooooo happy for my goodess and jay, thanks b to God.

  • Checker

    ewww that means she got knocked up by the dirty seed of jay-z. Disgusting!!! i know shes black but couldn't she find a white master to do the job? stupid woman!!!

  • jessicawjones

    I am so happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z. I had tears of joy, as if I know her personally. She is a lovely person and will make a great mother.

  • silverfox0890

    Congrats Beyonce so happy for u & ur hubby

  • saber233

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  • christine

    congrats b!!!!!!!

  • tessyjnr

    Queen B,so happy 4u,am one of her biggest fans...*mwah*

  • Taliyah Gonzalez
    Taliyah Gonzalez

    omg love u an the baby

  • Tberry32

    I am so happy for beyonce I am one of her biggest fans congrats

  • courtneybaaaby

    shes gonna be the biggest milf

  • Shabbir

    i knew she looked healthy and glowing at Roseland Ballroom in NYC, but that's quite amazing, congratulations!

  • Samira pratt
    Samira pratt

    Im happy for u, hov aswell b....and u will be a good mother u have what all woman want someone to honestly, truly love them nomatter whst or whom they are around. Thats hard to find consistant like the three of yall!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!

  • Katie Troche
    Katie Troche

    so pretty '

  • Janet Villafranca Borromeo
    Janet Villafranca Borromeo

    Congratulations Beyonce.

  • Laurie Keefe
    Laurie Keefe


  • hcn

    Congrats to her! She will be a great mom!

  • brandis

    Wonderful news

  • Reginald de Jager
    Reginald de Jager

    Sweet Dream my play list