Justin Bieber Shows His Snake at the 2011 VMAs (PHOTOS)

An echo of screams followed Justin Bieber into the 2011 VMAs as he made his way down the press line –but only half of them were from adoring fans, the rest were freaking out over his snake!

That’s right, a bespeckled Biebs made his way into the award ceremony carrying a snake wrapped around his hand. While small, it definitely stood out as the most interesting arm accessory of the night thus far. He continued the accessory trend with a couple gold neck chains, including one that had a golden skull pendant.

His slithery friend (named Johnson) seemed peaceful as they made their grand entrance, but we’re not sure how PETAs going to feel about this, or his girlfriend Selena Gomez for that matter!

Justin is nominated for his video “U Smile.” While JB is being recognized for his new hits, he certainly hasn’t forgotten about his classics. Just a few nights ago, the teen heartthrob was singing his hit song “Baby” when Taylor Swift hit the stage in a lavender dress to sing along! The two sounded great as the crowd went wild, natch.

Meanwhile, he and SelGo have been hanging tight. He skipped Kim Kardashian’s wedding to be with her in NYC, and the two hit the mall holding hands later in the week.