Nicki Minaj Baffles With Bizarre Outfit at 2011 VMAs (PHOTOS)

There really is no easy way to describe Nicki Minaj's 2011 MTV Video Music Awards look.

She hit the red carpet wearing a metallic pink dress with a pointy bra, paired with an ice cream necklace and Hannibal Lecter inspired multi-colored surgical mask. Also not to be missed was her cotton candy colored hair and her array of accessories.

What do you think of Nicki's interesting outfit? Sound off in the comments!

During the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show, Nicki offered fans the debut of her video for “Fly." Check it out below.



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  • Merline Steven
    Merline Steven

    "I'm in them bAskets yeAhnim I'm getting it. It dont even matter cause y'all know that I spit. Im getting all this doe. I'm getting all this money. I'm getting in them bars cause I ant nothing to funny."

  • katherine

    it looks like a clown puked all over her. Are those never-washed pajamas ?

  • justsaying

    nicki looks a hot ass mess!! wtf. why?? she is so beautiful idk why she wants to look like a clown. much more classy and pretty when she's sutle. smdh

  • Bijoux de Luna
    Bijoux de Luna

    c'est koi ça encore,elle veut se tuer ou koi?

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    Too over the top. This is going beyond ridiculous. Enough now.

  • nagashi

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  • saber233

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  • wtf

    i say she look a hot mess! she didnt shop at toys r us it throw up on her. barbies should be ashamed becuz this is what you look up too. haha! dracula's wife whose been dipped in california gurls

  • Kaleighanna18

    Love nicki and gaga but I love their outfits too...wish gaga had dressed in something else tho...gotta love nicki

  • DAT45Holda

    Bitch wack

  • Alexandraaa

    these costumes are getting ridiculous and annoying. what happened to being yourself?

  • Dayz

    People need to stop saying shes trying to be like lady gaga. Last time I checked Lady Gaga didn't create originality. Fuck everyone has a right to express themselves and since lady gaga is one of the few people in hollywood who isnt fake, people think that anyone else who is themselves is trying to "copy " her style.

  • iloveu23

    Love u nicki but u look a lil out there lol

  • lola

    i think everybody hatin on nicki needs to stfu if u guys actually listen to her mixtapes shes actually real good she just raps wat she think the ppl will like and things she can get money off of.... her other shyt she rap is to hard and most of the shyt she say wouldnt be able to be listen to or seen in the public view to get paid off of kno ur mfk shyt

  • Ana

    She is NOT copying off of Lady Gaga. When did Gaga wear Harajuku Barbie outfits to award shows? ... NEVER. Nicki Minaj is original and her outfit is beautiful!

  • Melody Bezzeard
    Melody Bezzeard

    lady gag me the rapper edition......geez whats up with these stupid outfits?

  • anthony

    I like it its different and its always good to be different

  • shannon

    I like Nicki but I didn't like what she had on tonight or her hair.

  • jasper

    She dresses like a wannabe lady gaga and tries 2 rap like a wannabe lil kim! idk y any1 likes her or or her music she's not unique in anyway. just a big ol copy cat! ; ) lol I wonder if I start wearin dead cat & talkin really fast if I'll make millions too. lmao maybe every1 should try it!!!!! : )

  • Nickel Aho
    Nickel Aho

    im not a fan of nicki minaj at all, and this outfit makes me glad im not. shes trying too hard to be lady gaga, and she needs to stop.

  • n

    its too loud a mix of lady gaga unicorns and power rangers