Sarah Jessica Parker's Red Riding Hood Getup: Yay or Nay? (POLL)


Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out in a cape for the premiere of her movie I Don't Know How She Does It on Sunday in Moscow. The Sex and the City star chose a floor-length red gown with a Red Riding Hood-esque cape.

What do you think of the peculiar style choice? Sound off in the comments and cast your vote in the poll!

I Don't Know How She Does It hits theaters Sept. 16 and highlights a woman who tries to deal with the balancing act that is her life — work, kids and every other nuance that comes from being a successful, working mother.

Check out the trailer and decide if you'll be seeing the movie on the big screen!



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  • Sin

    Only if there was a hood to cover that face. UGLY!!

  • oermens

    Damnit Mathew Broderick, make sure you shut the barn door from now on.

  • asc

    part of me wants to say wtf.... but the other part wants to yell WEEERRRRRK!!!!

  • frances jaksa
    frances jaksa


  • gina

    Yes! Daring, striking and unusual. She looks FAAABULOUS!

  • Patsy May Fryer
    Patsy May Fryer

    no SJP! just no! however, if you played a part as red riding hood, you'd look feirce! :)