Selena Gomez Rocks NY State Fair -- and a Very Special Bracelet (PHOTOS)

For the thousands in attendance at the New York State Fair to see Selena Gomez perform, it was a great night of music and entertainment. For one little girl and her family, it was a night they'll never forget thanks to a gracious act from Gomez -- and Celebuzz has the whole story.

The bracelet on Selena's right arm that can be seen during her performance from Saturday night was actually given to her just before the show by Kadi Luchsinger, who got to slip backstage for a meet and greet with the pop star before the show with her daughter, Taylor. Upon meeting Selena and professing her fandom,Taylor and Kadi handed Selena a bracelet, explaining that it was a benefit bracelet for her son Ethan, who suffers from a rare chromosome disorder called Duplication 15 Syndrome. Selena happily accepted the gift and goodbyes were said, Taylor and Kadi went their seats and not much else was expected.

Then, Selena hit the stage wearing the very bracelet they had just handed her.

"My friend said she put it on - I didn't believe her and then when she opened the show ... she was raised from the stage with her arm in the air and the first thing we saw was the blue bracelet being raised from the stage and I started crying," proud mom Kadi tells Celebuzz.

Selena kept the bracelet on through most of the show (even despite a power outage!), showing that a little act of kindness (and wardrobe flexibility) can go a very long way.

On Sunday morning, Ethan -- the little boy who Selena's bracelet is supporting -- said a very special thank you to Gomez for her kind-heartedness. Watch it below:


After the show, Selena has a very quick turnaround and had to jump on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, where she'll be presenting at the VMAs on Sunday night. Stay tuned to Celebuzz for full coverage of the VMAs, and follow Celebuzz on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to stay in the loop on all of the big news!



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  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Hmmm, I think this outfit is a little too sexy for Selena Gomez, I dont really think she suits that type of style. She definately has more class than that!

  • Marielle's Mom
    Marielle's Mom

    We are extremely grateful that Selena cared more for a child's feelings than her wardrobe. As a family affected by Dup15q we appreciate her gesture and hope this will increase awareness about this disorder and the difficulties the family's face and overcome. Thanks Selena.

  • Mandy

    ok first of, ^^^ a lil perverted lol. anyways she's gorgeous and i love her whole ensemble (ha, makes me sound mature)

  • Mandy

    this is a really good shot. i love her. so gorgeous.

  • navy8or

    I think that it is great that Selena would show support for a fan's son by wearing a special bracelet for Dup15q. We have a granddaughter, Grace, with this disorder and appreciate Selena showing her support this way.

  • Vanessa Pacheco
    Vanessa Pacheco

    hey 'ugh'...selena made about 5 million last year. how many millions have u made? exactly. she's one of the few young stars who has remained humble and has given back..i say that makes for a great role model.

  • vito

    i tend to agree with you, although I don't agree with Madonna being used as a barometer here. Madonna slept her way to the top, spreading her legs for record company execs, producers, etc. I doubt Selena Gomez has done the same, but I ask parents of the little girls who idolize this chic... would you support your daughters' infatuation with Selena Gomez if you knew she was getting pounded by Justin Bieber? Bieber is a horny little toad who I am sure does his best to get some from her. Bieber has been spotted (and photographed) groping and kissing Gomez on numerous occasions. Not exactly a girl I would want my young and impressionable daughter idolizing ;)

  • jessifa

    you retarded. her song who says satyed in billboard 100 for weeks and it became #no.1 on dance/club charts too. if u know nothing about billboard why bring the subject moron. and her love you like a love song is still on hot100. and dude she is successful more that you ever could be and she is a better person that you would ever be. shut the fuck up and go kiss your idol's ass

  • Shelly

    My daughter has dup 15q. Thank you for supporting our kids.

  • Sara K Morgan
    Sara K Morgan

    I am the mother to another child afflicted with Dup15q, Keller George, 23 months old. Thank you Selena, for showing your support to our bab'ens.

  • Teana

    I am the mother of Kayden, another child affected by Dup15q. I just wanted to say thank you to Selena for wearing the bracelet. It means so much to all of the families and your act of kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you and God Bless!

  • Teana

    I am the mother of Kayden, another child affected by Dup15q. I just wanted to say thank you Selena for wearing the bracelet Kadi presented to you. It means so much to all of the families and your kind gesture will never be forgotten. Thank you and God Bless You!!!

  • asc

    she is 18!!!! stfu and let the girl do what she wants and let people idolize who they want. not everyone looks up to the same celeb .. LIve and Let LIve... queen

  • Victoria Bella
    Victoria Bella

    open widee :D !

  • Elaina

    Selena is such a great person I was at that concertand I saw your bracelet and thought about it you are so sweet!! Love, Elaina

  • Clu

    This is why Selena is one of the greats. What a sweetheart.

  • Kadi Luchsinger
    Kadi Luchsinger

    Thank you Selena Gomez for wearing the Dup15q bracelet that we gave you. You created a life time memory and have touched families all over the world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Luchsinger family has been huge fans of yours and this just proved what a wonderful human being you are. Thank you for all that you do and most importantly putting a smile on my children's faces. Last night was amazing and we will never forget it

  • Sandy

    @ugh Everybody has the right to entitled their own idol, such as you. As much as I LOVE Madonna, SG has done much more than she did at the age Selena did it, Selena has a long way to go and FYI, not every big hitting star of right now was successful when they were young and fresh to hollywood, they had to work for it and take TIME, which Selena is doing so brillantly. You sir/madam/whatever you are, your comment is rude and not only does it insult Selena, but her fans as WELL. How are we idiots if we like her or not? More like YOU are the idiot for taking the time to write such uncalled things to say on a POST that is not about what she wore or who she was out with, but a post about showing love to her fans and helping a cause. You don't have to be successful right away to have somebody being your idol, her success is not the reason she's our idol, her heart & persona is, the person she is makes us love her, and so far, I could say she is pretty gosh darn successful. Take notes darling! (2 gold certified albums, platinum recording song hits, Emmy winning TV show, youngest Unicef Ambassador in history, Style icon, Humanitarian Icon, Movie starlet, and much more.) Success fades away, but the heart & admiration stays.

  • Nonnex

    Selena is a sweetheart, l dont have a daughter or a son but l love her to bits and l am so glad that young girls have her to look up to. She is simply adorable!@ Long live honey, and God Bless You!

  • n


  • Michele Damron Hughes
    Michele Damron Hughes

    Also as a mother of a little girl (in my profile picture) I want to thank you for wearing our dup15q bracelet!!! How cool is that! My other four kids say hello.... you rock! We need someone like you - if you ever want a cause to represent we'd love to have you!!

  • Anastasia

    This made me really happy, she has helped so much and with me having a little brother with autism this reaches my heart and deepens my love even more towards Selena. This girl can be famous for just helping people and I admire that, this young woman has a LONG, and hear me right! LONG way to go in her career in hollywood & so many good things coming to her.

  • vanna reisman
    vanna reisman

    Sara and I were so happy to be there and share that very special moment!! Thank you Selena for warming our hearts that nite!

  • Maria Leo
    Maria Leo

    A huge thank you to Selena for wearing a bracelet that represents our kids with Dup15q syndrome. Extremely awesome of you!!

  • javi

    dude its not about how poorly her movies make at the box office or billboard its about a sick young kid where's your hart i don't care who you are but her gesture its admirable.

  • Vicki Couch
    Vicki Couch

    As the mother of a child with duplication 15, a GIGANTIC FAN of Selena Gomez, and a friend to Kadi, I am absolutely THRILLED! Selena may be young, but this girl has talent and most of all, a HEART! WTG Kadi (and family) and WTG SELENA!

  • Selena

    Well excuse me! You should know that us celebrities That you call idiots, do look at this stuff too. So be careful what you say! I was just joking about me being Selena but ya know they do look at this stuff and it might hurt theyre feelings so you're they only idiot! Not Selena and Not her fans ! Like who you like and don't let anybody bring you down!

  • Susan John Burroughs
    Susan John Burroughs

    It was very gracious and generous of you to wear the dup15q bracelet. Thank you and God Bless you.

  • leslie

    how nice of her. To the person on top comment People could have many role models, not just one.

  • ugh

    no offense but you guys are sad. If Selena gomez is your idol then you have a mental problem. She isnt succesful at all. I would rather have madonna as my role model at least she is more succesful. Selena gomez is nothing her songs arent even on the billboard hot 100 and all her movies flop. Your an idiot if shes your idol.

  • Gabriella Lapierre
    Gabriella Lapierre


  • Jennifer Pierce LaCombe
    Jennifer Pierce LaCombe

    Thank you Selena. My brother in law is affected with this same disorder. Thank you for wearing the braclet and raising awareness for us.

  • Sarah

    Thank you Selena so much for wearing the blue bracelet. My daughter has the same chromosome disorder as Ethan. All the Dup15q Families thank you!!

  • S.Juliano

    I love SelenaGomez. She's my idol, my inspiration, & my role model. I totally love all her songs.

  • S.Juliano

    I love SelenaGomez. She's my IDOL, my INSPIRATION, & my ROLE MODEL! I love all her songs.

  • jenny

    I love her she is the best love all her song