Selena Gomez Rocks NY State Fair — and a Very Special Bracelet (PHOTOS)

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For the thousands in attendance at the New York State Fair to see Selena Gomez perform, it was a great night of music and entertainment. For one little girl and her family, it was a night they’ll never forget thanks to a gracious act from Gomez — and Celebuzz has the whole story.

The bracelet on Selena’s right arm that can be seen during her performance from Saturday night was actually given to her just before the show by Kadi Luchsinger, who got to slip backstage for a meet and greet with the pop star before the show with her daughter, Taylor. Upon meeting Selena and professing her fandom,Taylor and Kadi handed Selena a bracelet, explaining that it was a benefit bracelet for her son Ethan, who suffers from a rare chromosome disorder called Duplication 15 Syndrome. Selena happily accepted the gift and goodbyes were said, Taylor and Kadi went their seats and not much else was expected.

Then, Selena hit the stage wearing the very bracelet they had just handed her.

“My friend said she put it on – I didn’t believe her and then when she opened the show … she was raised from the stage with her arm in the air and the first thing we saw was the blue bracelet being raised from the stage and I started crying,” proud mom Kadi tells Celebuzz.

Selena kept the bracelet on through most of the show (even despite a power outage!), showing that a little act of kindness (and wardrobe flexibility) can go a very long way.

On Sunday morning, Ethan — the little boy who Selena’s bracelet is supporting — said a very special thank you to Gomez for her kind-heartedness. Watch it below:

After the show, Selena has a very quick turnaround and had to jump on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, where she’ll be presenting at the VMAs on Sunday night. Stay tuned to Celebuzz for full coverage of the VMAs, and follow Celebuzz on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to stay in the loop on all of the big news!