Beyonce & Adele Among VMAs Best Performances (VIDEOS)

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The MTV Video Music Awards always boasts a number of show-stopping performances and this year was no different. 

From Beyonce Knowles revealing her baby bump onstage to Adele's heart-wrenching performance of "Someone Like You" to the amazing light show when rapper Pitbull hit the stage, this was a VMAs night to remember. 

Celebuzz has put together our picks of the best performances of the evening so you can relive the musical moments.

The Queen B performed "Love On Top" and topped it off by revealing that she is in fact pregnant. 


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Adele showed up onstage in a simple LBD and only a piano, but brought down the house with her emotional song "Someone Like You."

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Meanwhile, it was Pitbull and Ne-Yo's performance that had a lazar light show to remember!

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Britney Spears was given a special tribute at the VMAs and though she wasn't apart of it, it was reminiscent of the years of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and "Slave 4 U."

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But it was the tribute to the late Amy Winehouse that had Adele in tears. Following Russell Brand's touching speech, Bruno Mars and friends performed Amy's hit "Valerie."

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  • danielleakame

    Adel is amazing. she is blues/jazz what do you expect. her whole CD is fabulous! but to each their own. personally i love her <3

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