Cute Kid Alert: Mason Eats Spaghetti! (PHOTOS)

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So cute! Kim Kardashian just posted these pictures of Mason on her blog on Monday:

"Look how messy Mason is! LOL! He loves spaghetti and has no problems just getting it all over his face. He’s too adorable!!"

Kim, Mason, Kourtney, and Scott were all photographed Monday at LAX.

Hopefully we'll get some more pics while they are off traveling together!



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  • adrianna

    guys, stop stating the obvious! we all know mason is ugly but he's just a kid and he cant help it, its not his fault. im sure kourtney (being a part of that vain family) thought she was gonna have this extremely handsome kid but that didnt happen. You cant choose how your looks are gonna be. Its bad enough that he's growing up in hollywood and will be comparing himself to others his whole life probably.

  • nicole and james
    nicole and james

    looks like a 50 year old man. So freaking ugly!

  • Ali

    I agree 100%! i dont know why people keep saying he's cute or adorable, maybe its just cuz his mom is rich and famous, if he was the son of a poor person off the street, people would say something completely different. He has been ugly since the day he was born, simply because he has an adult looking face. Im sure he'll grow up and get better looking because he'll be older and his features will suit him better. But for now, he's not handsome or cute AT ALL. I wish people would stop kissing ass just because his mom is a celebrity.

  • Anonymous

    It's not Cute kid alert!!! It's UGLY KID ALERT!!!

  • F.A.J

    Sorry but that child is one ugly kid!!!! They should said UGLY kid alert!!! It's always about him. Why do they even post pictures of that kid. He is SOOO ugly!! Oh and I agree with you Anonymous. He does has an adult face. Yikes.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with me! I already apologized for my comment, but he is the most ugliest child I've ever seen and I'm not the only one who said things like that. If u look at the comments of mason at the shrek musical than they're more people saying Mason is ugly than adorable. Sorry but you have to live with that there are also people who give comments like that. Oh and I'm not ashamed of myself. Why am I talking to u anyway. I don't know you and you don't know me. You're fake. I'm not gonna have a conversation with someone who said I should be ashamed of myself nd there is something wrong with me. BYE LOSER!!!

  • Tiffany Nicole Martin
    Tiffany Nicole Martin

    Adorable. :)

  • Tiffany Nicole Martin
    Tiffany Nicole Martin

    WTF??? That is the most horrible thing you could have said! You NEVER say things like that about ANY child. ALL children are beautiful gifts from God. What is wrong with you? You should be ashamed of yourself. And Mason is absolutely adorable!!!

  • Emma Harding
    Emma Harding

    he is such a cutie,

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but that kid is the ugliest celeb kid I've ever seen. I apologize for my comment but this poor kid has an adult face!!!

  • Deborah Bunny Chambers
    Deborah Bunny Chambers

    OMG HE IS SO CUTE......

  • Souad Wehbe
    Souad Wehbe

    O.M.G he is soo cute I love him soooo much

  • johnmichael24

    He looked like he was hungry.