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If you missed Taylor Swift at last night’s VMAs, that’s because she was rocking the crowd across the street at the Staples Center — with Ellen DeGeneres!

At first, Ellen acted like she just so happened to waltz on stage during the show, saying, “I was looking for the ladies room. I am so sorry.”

Taylor played along, replying, “This has been happening quite a bit, people are just going about their daily lives and they end up on our stage. It happened a lot this week.” Taylor also made a surprise appearance of her own this past week.

She joined none other than Justin Bieber to do a duet at one of his shows. While the teen heartthrob was singing his hit song “Baby,” T-Swift hit the stage in a lavender dress to sing along! The two sounded great as the crowd went wild and Justin Bieber even started to rap. 

While there wasn’t any rapping on Sunday night with Ellen, the two did break into a touching rendition of Taylor’s “Our Song.” 

Afterward, Ellen tweeted: “Just got off the stage with @TaylorSwift13 at Staples Center. Our song is now ‘Our Song.'”