Kendall Jenner Stuns in Sherri Hill Spread (PHOTOS)

Could Kendall Jenner be any more gorgeous?

The 15-year-old has taken the world modeling work by storm, and shared some amazing photos of her latest shoot on her blog. Donned in sparkly gowns and cute minis, we're sure these ensembles will be perfect for when homecoming season roles around!

Kendall blogged:

Hi guys! I had the most amazing photo shoot this weekend for Sherri Hill. We shot over two days and I got to wear the most gorgeous prom dresses and work with a really great team. Paul Anthony and Kate Best did hair and makeup and Fadil Berisha took the shots.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the shoot from on set. I hope you guys like the pics!

Take a look at the rest of the gorgeous pics in the gallery!



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    What in the hell does that have to do with Kendall? Get a life and get over it! Hater

  • Lauren Elizabeth Sabra
    Lauren Elizabeth Sabra


  • yolielly rodriguez
    yolielly rodriguez

    Kendall and I love my god I wish I was your legs like you're the best in the world and I am one of your fans and what they most desire is to model bye kisses!

  • silly you
    silly you

    how can you not know that Khloe is spelled with a K?

  • Renia McManus
    Renia McManus


  • jj5377

    she's 15. weirdo

  • dave1001

    Holy sh*t, these pics are an instant boner. Boing!!!


    It's horrible to see how Kim and the Kardashian clan are soooooooooooo not humble at all. Kris Humphries is a down to earth and wonderful person next to KK and the Kardashians. Kris doesn't believe in all the fakeness these people live their daily lives by, so how dare Chloe and sister to say that Kris is only after KK fame; how ignorant is that!!!!......Chloe needs to mind her own ugly business!!!!

  • jamminjamrock

    She look like a barbie go kendall!!

  • rachel

    cute little girls but imagine that thousands of perverts that are right clicking and salivating over the images...

  • rachel

    they are not even HALF kardashian, as if it mattered!!

  • ihatejerks

    you definitely must be a jerk to see a very pretty picture of a 15yr old chica and all u can sai is she needs that dick. u better grow up nd tame ur dick before it becomes dead. Jerk! btw, u look absolutely gorgeous kendall

  • meme

    Loved her silver dress ;)

  • samantha

    People should stop being negative, she looks beautiful! Way to go!!! Keep it up!

  • anita

    very cute dress

  • anita

    gorgeous dress, love it :)

  • disgusted american
    disgusted american

    she'll be the next teen pregnant. lovely prostituting your daughter Kris. pimp momma.

  • Melissa Kostusiak
    Melissa Kostusiak

    I think she is so beautiful!

  • nicole garza
    nicole garza

    Kendall & Kylie are definetely not Kardashians!! they r THE JENNERS & by far the BEST LOOKIN OUT OF THEM ALL!! they might hav half of the Kardashians in them BUT the JENNERS R PUTTIN THEIR STAMP WHEN IT COMES TO THE KARDASHIAN NAME! u go KENDALL ~ keep up the good work & KYLIE keep doin ur thing!! BOTH OF YALL R SOOOO inspiring 2 hav a social life w/ur modeling & keepin up ur social status in school as well! KEEP DOIN U GIRLS!!

  • VictoriaNaggayi

    Wow, she's all grown up and looking sweet and sexy.... Keep it up Kendall

  • Jenny

    You look beautiful love th long dress where can I find one.?

  • Diana Heart
    Diana Heart

    Stunning- stop hating it's bad for your health !

  • chrisklim6

    You look very hot

  • Spy007

    The Kandarshian/Jenners are just about the damm spotlight. sad to see that even the little girls are being pimped out

  • shuaib

    Cmon guys:)she's beautiful,support the lady she's loaded with talent and a bright future ahead of her,don't be such haters!

  • Shauna Marie Paige
    Shauna Marie Paige

    Excuse me, I don't like that comment! I'm not super rich but I am well off and If I don't like the way a celebrity looks excuse me "reality tv star" doesn't mean I'm poor and unattractive. People are to quick to say people are jealous! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Just because you think she is pretty not everyone else will. I will agree that she is a pretty girl but she needs time to be a kid! and growing up is a good thing but not growing up to fast! I wish her all happiness and success in her life! I just want her to enjoy being young!

  • sam

    OMG She's beautiful but I think it's too far enough. She looks like an old fashion model. She's only 15 wow :O

  • emm

    ...Or maybe they just have good genes? So narrow minded. Stop hating because they're all so gorgeous, not everything has to be 'too good to be true'. She looks amazing, and good on her for flaunting it!!

  • okunmuji catherine
    okunmuji catherine

    Hey kendall I was snt a msg dat am one of the lucky winner dat I nids to call for the collection of ma $100 walsmart...n have bin tryin to reach the number Given to me but its nt connecting,:

  • Alma Gallegos
    Alma Gallegos

    U look great ! I am such a big fan of all u girls !!

  • Kim O'Quain
    Kim O'Quain

    How can anyone call any of these girls ugly. What is wrong with you, post a pic of yourself and let ignorant people like yourself comment!! All of the girls share resemblance but they have their OWN BEAUTY! Didn't you learn if you have nothing nice to say keep quiet!!! FOR REAL!!!!!

  • Lesley

    You look fantastic kendail, I love your fan your mum & dad r the

  • Rhitma Kemala
    Rhitma Kemala

    she looks stunning but it's just not her age. at the second photo she looks like 25. sorry. but, it's my opinion guys. no hate.

  • jproc

    Wow shes 15

  • Jandyce

    Kris Jenner makes the most gorgeous kids!

  • Darrin Samaroo
    Darrin Samaroo


  • Natalie Leyden
    Natalie Leyden

    beautiful :) wish i could look like that at 15 <333 xxxx kardashian fan forever :) love you

  • molade

    One word. HOT!!!

  • Susie

    When I see, kendall or kylee all I see is "brat". No longer a fan. Poor bruce.

  • emm

    Wow, stop hating just because she's actually doing something with her life! She's a model, get over it. How many young girls would do anything for that opportunity! You can't expect children to stay indoors until they're 18 years of age! They need to go out and experience the world, and good on Kendall for getting the opportunity that so many others would kill for - grab it with both hands girl!

  • emm

    Blanca, i'd think your 'little girl' isn't a successful model, constantly developing in the modelling world? That's the way of the industry, models wear what they are provided with. She looks amazing in the dress, which is the photographers aim - to make other people want to buy it - regardless of age! I wish people would stop hating on Kendall just because of her age. She's extremely lucky to have achieved what she has so far, and i'm sure she realises that. She looks stunning, and I have to say I am very jealous of her figure! Kirstin, I totally agree with everything you said! People are too quick to judge, she's not doing 'glamour' shoots, it's fashion! I wish people would get over it and just see Kendall for the stunning young woman she's turning in to! I've seen younger people out wearing much less, just for the sake of wearing it. There's worse 'crimes' in the world!

  • leslie

    she's following the footsteps of her sisters khloe, kim and kourtney.. she's also hot.. she really grown-up...

  • Linda Dupree
    Linda Dupree

    The most beautiful girl, her sister Kim wishes she had as much assets. That why she had her fake marriage to Kris Harrumphs so rushed, You know it was fake when everything was donated and Chris and Bruce did not pay for anything I mean how cheap is that. maybe that's where his ring went to, it was donated and he had to return it after the ceremony because Kim and family was to cheap to buy him one. they knew it was fake and for publicity. his big dumb ass thinks its for real like he ever stood a chance with a freak like Kim. But Kim will never be Kendall she is for real. .

  • cassel

    kendel you are the most beautiful girl in the whold world at the age of 15. keep it up i love you

  • Prissy2

    She is gorgious no doubt

  • Margarit Mariana
    Margarit Mariana

    OMG... she's looking sister's...

  • Terry Orr
    Terry Orr

    Hey Bruce, better start dusting off your shotgun cause dudes is gettin ready to be rippin at your door to get at your daughter and my heart goes out you man.

  • christine

    ok!!! this s kindahhhh not appealing she's just 15 and y she's wearing like she looks like sooo matureeeeddddddddd..

  • Benny

    go kenny go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brittney

    She is looking so beautiful.... I would never think that she is just 15teen but of course she is taking after her older sisters who are also beautiful

  • Kay

    She'll now forever be living in your shadow. In all of this I feel sorry for Kylie. I hope she doesn't go seeking attention from the wrong people because everyone else has a role in the family business&she doesn't.

  • lucy

    You look gorgeous and so grown ur so gona be the next Kim =]

  • Alexandraaa

    cute dress

  • YupItsMe

    Amen! I wish people would stop bringing up that sex tape. They act as if folks aren't able to make mistakes. We ALL make mistakes. Besides, the best role models are your family members; the people who's mistakes you can learn from. Not the phony folks who try to appear perfect.

  • Eugenie Munnich
    Eugenie Munnich

    Loving the photos much hey. You look hot and sexy Kendall. Mwah

  • tgirl


  • emma

    omg kendall i think ur absolutely stunning ! your gorgeous girl !

  • Brock Meirick
    Brock Meirick

    gahhh, amazing.

  • Denize


  • Denize


  • Hannico

    C'mon peple, she's 15. It's a completely appropriate age for modeling and for prom dresses, HELLO. She's gorgeous, down to earth and still true to her age in my opinion. Good job Jenner-Kardashian clan for being such a tight knit family.

  • Abigail Escobar
    Abigail Escobar

    She looks pretty I wish I can do that but I'm to Fat to be a modela. But I hope for the best to Kendall on her modeling career <3

  • Trish S.M.
    Trish S.M.

    All the photos are beautiful. I love watchin keepn up with the kardashians. Its a great show. I have four daughters and whn theyr older I hope we can be as close as all of u are.

  • ali

    U look butters x I think other people should get a chance 2

  • destiny e
    destiny e

    luv it kendall the kardashian jenner clan are role models for all ages their family core is strong faults arent for the public to judge famous or not they are a good family thats what makes them great to watch. keep it up guys

  • Sarah ryall
    Sarah ryall

    all the kardashian girls are beautiful. I love the show keep up the good work. Kim looked amazing in her wedding dress.

  • Sin

    Her mom, Kris Jenner, is cumming in her pants! Another cash cow to milk for Fame and money. Not the kids but her own.

  • karrison

    it's called a "booty-pop"

  • keepinupwgabi

    ugh JEALOUS AND UGLY people need to stop commenting! they're just jealous they're poor and ugly and can't be as pretty as kendall! she looks fab!

  • Nancy

    Kendall looks beautiful but she is too young to be dressing that way and too much make up. She has the natural beauty going on. She doesnt need too much make up:) i believe she is the perfect model for forever 21!!

  • San:)

    Beautiful Kendall:)

  • miswika

    u r so narrow-minded..if thats her way of having fun and had the time of her life, so y r u so negative? and by the way she looks nice..

  • Jaylen

    Damn the last kardashian they can do good with but there already messing up lol

  • Patricia Fabela
    Patricia Fabela

    WOW! She looks pretty! :)

  • Andrea

    I can't believe she is only 15!!!!! Stunning

  • mfa15

    kendall, oh kendall! <3

  • Ms Paula
    Ms Paula

    Amazing I wish I worked for you all <3

  • Paula

    So good. Going to be better than her older sisters at this rate

  • Jessica

    Kendal is going to be BIG! Excellent work Kris(mom) w/ all u do! You are a one women power house!!

  • Olivia

    Beautiful! :)

  • AnthonyVM

    She's getting Kim's butt

  • Melissa

    She looks gorgeouss!

  • Olga

    Absolutely gogeouse she is.

  • shyla ralls
    shyla ralls

    Makes her look older than she is

  • Marie

    Shes. Not. A. Kardashian.

  • imawesomee

    Beautiful!! but the second picturee is more then beautiful <333

  • judy defrancisco
    judy defrancisco

    Im sorry but she is way to young.

  • Taylor

    Agree she's the prettiest of them all shes Gorg

  • Kyla Hill
    Kyla Hill

    absolutely beautiful she looks so grown-up

  • ivyjackson

    I will get some ideas for my next shoots...

  • ivyjackson


  • Richy

    Nice one girl

  • georgianna venable
    georgianna venable

    Beautiful!!! Great role models like ur sisters are soooo special kendall......LOVE THEM an appreciate them ok?

  • kirstin

    well that's why she's not any of you people's daughter. different strokes for different folks! get over it! yeah, my mom didn't let me dress like that when i was fifteen but hey, that's fashion now. and it's always changing. how come i don't see y'all telling 17 and 18 year old girls this stuff when they wear those prom dresses? do you know how old the girls who model these in the catalogs that your daughters look at are? probably not. they could be this age too. and wtff. she doesn't look her age?! neither do i!! people tell me i look fifteen. i'm nineteen! so, she has a more mature looking face. get over yourselves! and for all the parents on here, go raise your own children instead of bashing someone else's parenting.

  • babyluv

    Stunning, beautiful, smoking hot...

  • Mina

    Hey Kendall I really think u look beautiful can u by any chance give a ticket so I can comme and c u

  • missunderstood

    lol Really??? she's 15 there are other models out there who are 5 years that are modeling in lingerie :) so relax

  • missunderstood

    Yes they are role models, No matter what the circumstances are they've always kept there head up!!! Sex tape or not Kim turned her life around,everybody makes mistakes, grow up and stop being so negative!

  • vivian

    Kendall,you look so gorgeous. You are a princess!

  • Simone

    Omg kendall u look gorgeous I wish I looked liked u hope u have fun modeling and wish u all the best Love simone

  • amy schoonmaker
    amy schoonmaker

    Don't let anyone tell you any different you are a gorgeous young lady and if anyone says anything negative they are just jealous!

  • priscilla rivera
    priscilla rivera

    Beautiful......gorgeous......nothing else.....

  • kayleigh

    People shouldn't judge you on your family the kardashions work for everything they have and deserve respect for it and kendall looks amazing and is making a name for herself so maybe you should respect that instead of judging

  • Blanca

    She does not look 30, but she does not look her age. There is no way my little girl would be allowed to wear anything that reveals so much at 15.

  • Annette JM
    Annette JM

    Kendall you're beautiful, and popular right now... It would be dumb not to model how hot you are this moment. Haters unfortunately will never cease to exist so just brush off all annoying comments from people who are mad just cus they're broke & fat. Hahaaa kk love ya. Xoxo-Annette

  • Kevin

    Ya what ever lady ! Kendall is smart and beautiful and comes from a good family ! There's money to be made and living off your parents is not a good thing . Kendall is making her own way in this crazy world . Good for her . I'm sure her folks are happy she is able to do so . Nice job Kendall .

  • djm

    they're probably feedin her steroids to let those assets show. knowing how they pimp every single penny out of each other in the fam, they en-route to ensure that kendall takes over when kim begins to sag.

  • gumbii

    U look gorgeous

  • Gift

    d pic z beatifull n keep up d gud work d sky z ur stepping stop.

  • mafer

    Son todas unas putas

  • pesadilla

    Todas las kardashians son basura desde esa gorda de klhoe pasando por la puta chupa vergas negras de kim hasta las dos zorritas pequeñas su padre moriria de verguenza putas

  • kay


  • mommy

    no jealousy here,,i am surrounded by beauty,,my family has very beautiful girls,,blondes, brunnetts ,blue eyes, brown eyes,,but we all let them be kids,,act like kids,,dress like kids,,,and i kept my daughter out of modeling,,and beauty contest,,i wanted her to know she was way more than just a work of art,but rather a work in progress and also had a beautiful mind,,,there is plenty of time for kendell to wear an evening gown with the back down to her butt,,,15 is not the time

  • n

    she's the prettiest kardasian :D i luv that dress

  • Jeanette

    She's sooooo Gorgeous!!! Beautiful photos!..

  • janet

    Kendall always remember right from wrong. You look beautiful but don't grow up to fast enjoy being young while you can

  • shauna

    You looking wonderful kedall..keep up the good work...Tyra Banks started out at a a early age too and she doesn't look tired and bored too me..

  • Shari Robinson
    Shari Robinson

    Her mom must be so proud to have lovely daughters.

  • kay

    Oh gosh,another platform for all the haters again.. Y'all have become such a joke,it's so pathetic.. She doesn't even care,she's making it big for herself... She's beautiful,and that's it.. Get lives man!!!!!

  • alexandra

    Kendall looks amazing!!! I'm pretty sure she will make real far in the modeling industry..

  • mommy

    the word "hot" should never be used when speaking of a 15 yr old,,,she is way out of her league,,she is beautiful,,but let her be a kid,,

  • Aisha Ossman
    Aisha Ossman

    Wow absoloutely stunnin! All the sisters are amazingly beautiful

  • Jamie hughes
    Jamie hughes

    She looks great too the people who are commentin that she looks 30 or she should be home study are just pissed off that its not u or u are 30 urself get over urselfs kendall dont worry bout all the haters just care bout wat ur friends and famliy think and say and keep doin wat ur doin and be proud xx

  • Sar

    great role models? her sister became famous through a sex tape? and the other in a relationship with a guy who doesn't even respect her? Role models? really?

  • Sary

    I agree, she's beautiful...but she's still a girl. Why rush things? There's a time and a place for everything

  • vikki

    Kendall looks amazingly beautiful as always!! Gooo Kendall!!!

  • PattY

    OMG, she looks nice but for me she still a young girl who most be at home studing and having fun with her age, by the time she gets 18, she will be tired and bore of doing big girls things. She is looking so old to and Her fresh is going away...

  • kay

    OMW she looks absolutely beautiful

  • Jennifer

    She does not look 30 years old, stop hating.. She looks her age andd gorgeous! Keep it up Kendall ;)

  • Enny

    Hi kendall you look very beautiful.

  • Chyna

    Very pretty but yes both Kendall & Kylie are way too grown!!!!! Jeessh!!

  • Ruc

    She needs that dick

  • sunshine.

    And she got a lil Kardashian booty :D

  • raquel velo
    raquel velo

    Very beautiful & classy. Much props to your mom & sisters for being great role models. Keep up the great work.

  • Ash N Christy Mikami
    Ash N Christy Mikami

    She looks just like Khloe! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Tiffany

    Beautiful. Good job.

  • Nicole

    she looks 30 yrs old

  • johnmichael24

    No matter what she wears she will always look hot.

  • Amara Redden
    Amara Redden

    isnt she only 15!!!!! it beautiful, but too grown!

  • Lauren Samantha Maureen Gouldthorpe
    Lauren Samantha Maureen Gouldthorpe

    that dress is absolutly amazing <3

  • Nora

    Shes absolutely beautiful!