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So I honestly cant even begin to describe how I felt on my wedding day and a lot of it is because I felt so good in what I was wearing and how comfortable I was! Giuseppe Zannoti custom made me three pairs of GORGEOUS heels to go with each Vera Wang gown. The first pair was go with the princess dress that I wore during the wedding ceremony. They are closed-toe off-white satin with the crystal heel. I needed the height and wanted a sturdy heel because I was so afraid I was going to trip walking down the aisle! LOL

For my mermaid gown I wore the peep toe white heels with the amazing beads on them. And then thirdly, I wore the simple satin sling back peep toes with my simple satin Old Hollywood gown

On your wedding say there’s so much focus on the gown and you don’t even see the shoes but I had to take some pics and share with you how stunning they are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Zannoti! I am forever grateful you made this day that much more special! xo Kim



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  • celebluver101

    Those are to die for... Lucky Kim

  • liannasheree

    Gorgeous!!! I have a bit of a shoe problem and these are to die for!

  • sona

    mmm no offense or anything, but i don't think that Kim is going to read your letter, write the same thing on her blog, and maybe she'll read it, and respond to you, or write the same on twitter

  • Marina Veitia
    Marina Veitia

    Hi Kim! I am a fan who writes to you from Venezuela, South America. My name is Marina Veitía. I enjoy seeing your achievements, you're a woman entrepreneur and complete. I think you've won, prevailing on the classic stereotype of a woman of this century. You're authentic. I follow with the few tools we use, it is not common in my country, local media often outlining information about yourself. I am a family woman, I have a baby of eighteen months and the next November 18th, 2011 I marry her father, whom I love with all my heart. More than a man of my dreams is the man of my life. In addition to expressing my esteem for you, I make a request. As you know, throughout the world is experiencing a major economic crisis, and although my partner and I work, we have our home and our needs, it is quite difficult for an ordinary person do something extraordinary for their marriage. We, in our case, just do a simple civil ceremony at our house. For this reason and because I think you're a person of integrity and good heart, I ask you please lend me a dress. Any. You have an excellent style and would be wonderful to take something of yours in a very special moment for me. Honestly, I had not ever occurred. However, today I saw a picture of you in "Do Something Award", elegantly dressed, as always, and want to look like the day of my wedding. Please, I beg you from the bottom of my heart. You know how important it is that beautiful day for a woman, regrettably I have not the resources to dress like you. This is my humble prayer. After use the dress, I return it. Excuse the bad English, I do not know at all. Thanks, million thanks for your attention. Marina Veitía.

  • sona

    oh god! how can she wear heels everyday?????? i can't even wear them for like an hour!

  • AlaBella

    How is it possible to even walk in those? The heel is so high her feet must have been practically vertical!

  • lucy

    Good article!!!1 Welcome to my blog!!!!!