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Lady Gaga certainly got the crowd going (and gossiping, trust) when she took the stage dressed as her alter ego ... a dude. While twitter started blowing up about her resemblance to Ralph Maccio, the actor of course became a trending topic immediately.

"I'm a trending topic right now thanks to @ladygaga on VMA's! Respect." Ralph tweeted.

Smoking a cigarette, wearing a suit and a mullet type wig, Gaga -- who referred to herself in the third person as Joe Calderone while presenting to Britney Spears - belted out an amazing performance of You and I.

Performance aside, lots of people are talking about Gaga's over-the-top schtick -- especially since she continued it throughout the entire show. What did you think of it? Too much, or just Gaga being her unusual self?

Did Gaga's stage persona push things a little too far?

Tell us Celebuzzers: do you love Lady Gaga being brave enough to dress as a man, or are you just sort of over it?



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  • Lauren

    Hot as a man, I won't deny I'd date her as a guy! Hahaha, but Lady Gaga is a beautiful human being inside and out, with a good sense of humor, she does what she feels, I praise her for this :) Haters will continue to hate on her, I admit this was a huge stunt and was very wild, but Lady 'Gaga' ... Really? It says it all in the name, she is gaga. Get onto her level of wildness before you can judge her. I rest my case haha :)

  • jake

    the fact that she chose to spend one of the biggest award nights of the year as someone else is stupid. i love her, but think she took it too far

  • Morgan

    No..she needs to stop wasting time on crap like that and just sing!

  • shadz

    Exactly, I totally agree with you!

  • Okaythen.

    actually used to be a fan, but her stunts and recent lacklustre album are putting me off. Artists like Adele and beyonce are all about the music as it should be, they don't need gimmicks; she's no longer recognised for for her music which is a shame. I'm glad i saw her live while she was still musically driven, instead of feeling the need to make a statement or a controversy

  • Bethany

    I thought that Lady Gaga was wonderful lastnight!!! It was nice to see her just be her even if it was as a man!! She was funny, handsome and just a great addition to the show. She is wonderful and I would date Joe!!!

  • lola

    i cant believe how blind some of you are, she is SUCH an act. u guys can't see it? she does it to get attention, and she is the biggest liar in the music industry. look it up. they have caught her in lies SO many times. she says anything to get attention. fake A** b**tch.

  • AngelOfDarkness

    I have to admit that I haven't seen Lady GaGa for who she is, until now. She's an amazing performer/artist. Her new album just showcases who she is as a one-of-a-kind artist, unlike the so-called artists we see these days who would just copy off one another. And *gasp* she does have humongous talent. But also, Lady GaGa as Joe just made me question my sexuality. I think I might be the only person who finds Joe Calderone actually hot. I hope this doesn't mean that I'm bi.

  • nagashi

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  • David Crandall
    David Crandall

    What concerns me is I could not I make out any hint of tits behind her tee shirt. I still don't know if she is man or woman.

  • Alisa

    Seriously, she was just ridiculous. She's such a bad actress, she tries way too hard to be cool and to be different and it shows. I'm sorry but she's ridiculous!!! Seriously, grabbing your crotch, drinking and smoking doesn't make her an artist but a clown.

  • KrisTina Zee
    KrisTina Zee

    she was AWESOME. Her best performance EVER.

  • saber233

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  • newpeople

    are culture has so many drag queens, where are the drag kings?!! i think its refreshing. i bet she was comfortable at least.

  • MoreOfAMan

    She makes a Handsome Man

  • courtneybaaaby

    wasnt she always a man?

  • ThisismyNewcastle25

    I mean, look, we all get it; she's weird. She wants to be different. Ok, cool, whatever. The chick showed up at a show in a freaking egg if you don't recall. So is this anything different? No. She does it not for artist value but shock value. She does it for the reactions. She knows how to perform and get the attention of crowds. And ya know what; whatever. The only reason she continues to do it is because we continue to talk about it which is pretty much what any other human being would do too. She'll probably keep this trend up for a while and then move on to something else over the top to stay "different". But let me just say, she's not as original as she claims to be. What? You think she's the first person to crossdress for fame? Gimme a break. Long story short, is it over the top? Yeah, but that's what she aimed for. And ya know what, she nailed it. Congrats for being just another pawn to the fame game.

  • Dzee

    I think people need to stop treating Lady Gaga like every year she must come out with some outfit that is somehow more ridiculous than the last, as if that's all she's about. Why don't we actually start paying attention to her music, and stop wasting our time with stupid crap like, #whatwillgagawearnext or whatever that idiocy is called. She's not a clown, she's a singer. So start acknowledging her as one.

  • Jack

    Sad attempt:(

  • Renee

    I did not like it to tell you truth I am disappointed:( Lady Gaga is so talented, and I love her but this was way to wierd and not in a good way. I did not find this creative at all just a sad thing. I hope she will start being more creative!

  • daniellebabes

    dislikke^^youur such an ass

  • daniellebabes

    honestly i think your the one who wants attention i mean come on shes brave enough to do i bet you dont have the balls to ever do anything like that

  • daniellebabes

    ok yah it was crazy ill admit i was alittle freaked out but lady gaga is an amazing singer she was just having fun doing what she does every year she wants to schock everyone well no one guessed this time lol but enough with he/she grap and oh i always thought she was a guy..and i think she either gay or a less like come on give a break shes a better person the you will probly ever be..!

  • Rey

    Stupid Gaga! Just trying to get attention! What a loser!! I think he/she is gay.

  • christine

    I think it's pretty clear that Lady Gaga does what she does not for the acceptance of others. She does what she does as a form of art. All good art opens our eyes up to things we have never experienced before. I give her respect for courageously and boldly doing something like that. It takes a lot of guts.

  • ignite60x

    I guess so Lady Gaga was not a lady at all but a gay!