Love or Loathe: Lady Gaga as a Man? (POLL)

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Lady Gaga certainly got the crowd going (and gossiping, trust) when she took the stage dressed as her alter ego … a dude. While twitter started blowing up about her resemblance to Ralph Maccio, the actor of course became a trending topic immediately.

“I’m a trending topic right now thanks to @ladygaga on VMA’s! Respect.” Ralph tweeted.

Smoking a cigarette, wearing a suit and a mullet type wig, Gaga — who referred to herself in the third person as Joe Calderone while presenting to Britney Spears - belted out an amazing performance of You and I.

Performance aside, lots of people are talking about Gaga’s over-the-top schtick — especially since she continued it throughout the entire show. What did you think of it? Too much, or just Gaga being her unusual self?

Did Gaga’s stage persona push things a little too far?

Tell us Celebuzzers: do you love Lady Gaga being brave enough to dress as a man, or are you just sort of over it?

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