Rachel Weisz Gets ‘Lucky,’ Hints at Second Child

Weisz: Yay or Nay
Are you feeling Rachel’s nude, striped froc?
The beautiful Rachel Weisz is the latest star wearing stars — and cover girl — for Lucky magazine! In the October issue, the newlywed gives some insight into her unusual shopping sprees, thoughts on having more children, and a very strong opinion on footwear.

In her interview, Rachel shares what really gets her in the shopping mood. “I do appreciate a good pan and a good knife,” says Weisz, who has spent little time shopping for clothes, and more time browsing around high-end cooking stores. Maybe it’s a newlywed thing?

While on the domestic subject, she shares her thoughts on having more children:

“Oh, I wouldn’t make one just for the sake of giving my son a sibling, but…you never know,” she says with a smile.

Sounds like a possibility in the future! While obviously Rachel is passionate about her cooking and her family, there is something else she says she finds life changing; a good pair of shoes.

“Shoes can turn you into someone else in an instant,” Weisz says. “I did a film called The Brothers Bloom, and I wore really clunky boots — and I was this eccentric weirdo,” she states. In The Whistleblower” — an independent film released this August where she plays a cop who exposes a European sex trafficking ring — “I wore police boots that made me walk tough.” And her latest: Dream House, a thriller opening in September: “I am a wife redoing a home we just bought, and I wore a lot of light sneakers that are all cute and homey and make me feel kind of doo-doo-doo, I’m domestic and painting.”

Well, we all have our vices; whether it’s keeping up with your favorite stars or shopping for cooking utensils and perfect pair of shoes!

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