'RHONJ' Star Ashlee Holmes Shows Off Her New LA Pad (PHOTOS)

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It looks like it's "Bye bye, New Jersey!" and "Hello, Los Angeles!" for Ashlee Holmes, the daughter of Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate Jacqueline Laurita.

The young reality show starlet snapped a few photos of her Hollywood pad for her Buzznet blog. According to Ashlee, the new apartment is all being paid for out of her own pocket!

Holmes recently wrote about the move:

"There are so many things I didn’t realize went into owning your own place. It’s actually pretty funny. I was laughing about it with my mom. I was like, 'I need to buy a can opener? I didn’t realize it was a luxury to have one of those. Oh, a spatula? Batteries? etc…' Such random stuff, but you need it all! Insanity."
Not only is the 19-year-old growing up and shedding her party girl ways, it seems like she's also patching things up with her mother. Good news! 

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  • pws frap
    pws frap

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  • Loreen

    lol, love your mums hair, it use to be me, I think she won with the height though..lol

  • truth

    "when i'm an artist it's just going to be my view of what looks good" You need to open youself up to enlightentment, You're going to be making decisions regarding partying/drugs/sex that will affect you for the rest of your life, Lindsay Lohan is probably your role model. being young and semi-attractive woman of someone semi-famous will allow her enough options to pose for playboy, and keep the party going long enough to snag some scumbag trust fund heir, who will just make a porno of your naive self and make a buck off you. If she was a guy she'd really be screwed.

  • Alison White
    Alison White

    Happy for you and all the best to you in LA! ;)

  • Elysian

    Ashlee or Ashley whoever you are - you are just a drunken pig who will end up as a complete loser and another weight society has to handle.

  • Madeline

    I feel that ashley cqn be a brat at times and she fights with her mother a lot... But wat can u expect shes a 20 yr old party girl... I think ashley and her mom afe toooo much alike.. I feel badly for ashley becausse they are publishing all of her privaye issues, ashley and jacquline are the exact same personality wise... So they are bound to fight...

  • Christie

    This girl is only famous for being a belligerent, rude, entitled, conceited brat who treats everyone around her as though they are only put upon this earth to serve her. There are so many good children out there who are unwanted and unloved and here is this bad seed, surrounded by people who try to love her and do right by her..and I don't care how old she is. You either have feelings for others or you don't care how much you hurt them. Hopefully she will fade into oblivion. She should be ashamed, not rewarded with a blog and more attention.

  • Just Jane
    Just Jane

    Your brain is obviously sharing space with Theresa Guidice!

  • B Rambin
    B Rambin

    what in the world are you talking about? How can you compare your mother to Ashlee's mom? Did Ashlee even hint for one second that her mom was anything like the woman you just described? The answer is no she did not..... I wish everyone would stop pretending that they know what Ashlee and her mom have gone through. You only get to see a glimpse of her life, so please stop judging and giving advice. Just because someone's life is out there for us to see doesn't mean we should judge them or comment about it.... This world would be a nicer place if we would stop judging each other....

  • kate9

    One more thing. If you want to see the ultimate example of a woman who was raised by a mother with NPD, just look at Bethany Frankel. She is truly *A Gifted Child*.

  • kate9

    Ashlee- Not sure you if read your comments but I am going to give you some advice from a person who had a similar mother. I remember from age 8 feeling as if my mother did not love me. She never touched me or showed any affection. She only cared that I made her look good, i.e., impeccably dressed, hair done. manners. As I matured, I was pretty (not bragging just making a point) she got worse. I moved out at 18 after she belted me across the head during an argument. At 23 I married an older handsome, successful man. (We are still married today after 25 years). I had a good career, we had a beautiful home, which really caused her jealousy to rage. She was no longer young and attractive and I was. She felt a need to compete with me on every level. How sad, a mother could not be happy for her own daughter's success. So, do not be surprised if your mother attempts to sabotage your independence. 1. Your mother is very good at fooling people into thinking that she was the perfect mother and she gave up so much for you. Well, that was her choice. 2. She is jealous of your youth 3. She will only get worse as she ages. 4. She hates herself, and directs the hatred toward you. When you cross her, she cannot deal with loosing control and her anger is unleashed. It's all about control with mothers with NPD. I hope you Google this. *Mothers with NPD*. You MUST go low contact with her and only speak to her on YOUR terms and when it is convenient for you. If you depend on her, this gives her the power to abuse you again. This means you need to support yourself. When I moved at our 18. I was so poor, so poor that I could not afford toilet paper. Today, I own my own successful consulting firm of 27 years. Sadly, now my mother is dying and she has finally given me my first compliment ever. She told me my hair was cute. lol She was a terrible, unloving, emotionally abusive, selfish woman, but I do forgive her and we talk every day now. I hope that if you ever have a daughter, you will put her before anything else. Children just want to know they are loved and their parents priority. Best of luck to you. I hope your mother reads this and takes a hard look at herself. PS: A good book your MUST read. The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller. It is about children of parents who put themselves first and how children like us that are able to survive through this horrific childhood abuse. We have no choice but to learn how to survive on our own since our parents offered us no support or guidance. So that makes us *gifted*. :) Best of luck to you sweetie.

  • B Rambin
    B Rambin

    Ashlee, Omg, I've read some of the comments on here and I just want to say to you: Please don't listen to the haters, they don't have anything better to do with their time......You know your WHOLE story and you know the TRUTH, so keep pressing on and I do wish you all the luck in the world. Just remember everyone makes mistakes and it is not our job as fellow human beings to judge you......Hold your head up high Ashlee and believe in yourself.... love to you and your family

  • B Rambin
    B Rambin

    So it must be nice to judge others, did God give you that job?

  • B Rambin
    B Rambin

    Ashlee, I am so happy for you. You will so enjoy your first apartment, there is nothing like striking out on your own. Keep moving forward and love your family, friends and yourself....

  • Rockout

    SO WHY if this so called " starlet" is only 19 20 at best WHY is there a beer on her counter? HMMM Being a drunk bit ch again. I cant wait until she goes into rehab. Which while she is in la there are parties and loads of booze and drugs and her being such a freak she will think she can do what she wants and will pull a Lohan by the time she is 22.

  • WOW

    UGGHHH> She is such a pain in the butt. She will be home in 3 months. She is such a CHILD. She is UNGRATEFUL She is RUDE and narcissistic.

  • Nancy

    ..."reality STARLET..."???? Are you kidding? Look up the word starlet, please. This kid is most certainly not one.

  • Riri

    ASSlee is a mistake. Her mother's prior relationship with Max was a failure. Jaq and Matt's second relationship are successes. Which shows Jaq and Matt getting together was a mistake and so is ASShlee. She is bad seed and should never have been born.

  • kate9

    This is an example of why a mother needs to put her children before her own needs. Ashlee's mother is a self-absorbed narcissist. My guess is she was always on the *hunt* for rich guy as Ashlee was growing up. Now she hit the Jackpot. She marries Chris, has two sons (thank God they are not daughters) (and are clearly the sons are her priority over her Ashlee) she, gets a reality show, has money, and tries to prove to the world that she was the perfect mother and Ashlee is disrespectful. Children know when they are lower priority and Ashlee now suffers from the abuse, and yes, (neglect IS abuse) that her mother inflicted on her. The guilty party here is Ashlee's mother. She needs to look up NPD. Ashlee is only returning what she probably received her entire life, anger and no respect. This mother is 100% responsible for sentencing her daughter to a life of insecurity. So, before people are so quick to criticize this young woman, you need to understand what she probably went through from age 1 to 18 before the world saw the aftermath of this mother daughter relationship.

  • Rahim

    CELEBUZZ is a joke! If you hire this girl it's proof your blog will hire anyone, talent or education aside. I wont be reading anymore. 1

  • HopeAshdoesWell&JacgetsaLife

    Her mom is not going to have a storyline without being a constant sniffling martyr about Ashlee. Ashlee is of course very annoying, but I'll never forget the episode in which they nagged her endlessly about taking responsibility, and later that same night, laughed and laughed about Joe's DUI. Fruit doesn't fall from the "no responsibility" tree, no matter how her mom whines, sobs, and moans that she isn't given respect.

  • JMar

    RHONJ star, I don't think so, she's not a housewife nor is she in the opening credits! She was lucky enough for her momma to be on the show that's how she got some dough! It'll run out, it always does.

  • Brittany j
    Brittany j

    People do change and realize their mistake they are human and grow up so for u to name call shows how much of a lowlife u are maybe u should take some notes from ash?! :). Anyways good for her doing her own thing the apt is cute !!

  • Megan

    i believe Ashlee has come a long way!! people need to realize that you are watching episodes from like a year ago. . people change drastically in a year and I am proud of her. . you don't have all your crap out there for the world to see bc if you did I'm sire there are bad things people would be able to say about you

  • Beralis

    I can't stand this girl. the way she disrespects her mother is unnecessary. the spoiled bitch has no right.. she lives in a million dollar home and now lives in LA? and she crys on tv?? boo hoo.. grow up