Ryan Reynolds Takes a Ride to Sandra Bullock's Home (PHOTOS)

Ryan Reynolds was snapped taking a ride on his motorcycle over the weekend, and he headed straight to good friend Sandra Bullock's home in Hollywood.

The pair who have vigorously fought off dating rumors have been spending a lot of time together this summer.

Just the other week, Ryan was photographed carrying baby Louis while on a hike with Sandra in Wyoming. They also shared dinner together during their trip with a few friends.

The Proposal costars have a couple projects coming up together. They will hit the big screen together again in Most Wanted and they also will lend their voices to a new animated show on Fox.

Everyone in Hollywood mixes business with pleasure...why do Sandra and Ryan have to be the exception?!



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  • liz

    I've been a fan of ryans since he appeared in two guys a girl and a pizza parlour, I think he's great. I do wonder why him and scarlett broke up?

  • junelemke

    really they both looking like a couple it's amazing. http://bit.ly/qwFb71

  • tess

    Sandra was Ryan's friend. Not Scarlett's. I don't think Sandra considered her a friend, but mainly thought of her as Ryan's wife.

  • tess

    Sean Penn is 51. Born August 17, 1960.

  • tess

    Scarlett fans need to give it up. She and Ryan are divorced and he is free to be with Sandra if he wants. Sandra was very much in love with her husband. She didn't break up Ryan's marriage. Scarlett and Ryan did that. Don't bring Sandra into that mess. Plus, Sandra has known Ryan for over 10 years now. She has always been his friend and not necessarily Scarlett's. Once their marriage was over that was the end of that.

  • ace

    are you ok with your girlfriend dating your ex. that's just what sandra is doing. you never date your girlfriend's ex.

  • ace

    Prymaid, i like what you say it is so true. I think it is pretty low to date your friends EX well Sandra led Scarlett to believe that she was scralett friend and all along wanting her husband. Sandra broke up that marriage because she wanted Ryan she is a TRAMP.

  • pyramid11:11

    Scarlett Johansson 26 and Sean Penn 50. I know it so well from the media reminding me that I may have it etched on my tombstone.

  • pyramid11:11

    But typically in a relationship , the man is always older than the woman and not the reverse. The media should be fair when covering stories on both Scarlett and Ryan. To be honest, age shouldn't be a factor in any relationship but when Scarlett and Sean were dating it seemed to make headlines and each article that was written about them started out by bringing up their age difference.

  • trudi jacques
    trudi jacques

    They are both adults that are single, so what if she's older than him! As long as they make each other happy what's it to do with anyone else? Good for them either way!

  • cate

    she's not too old! sandra is 12 years older than ryan and sean penn is 25 years older than scarlett. Do the math. Big difference there! Whatever sandra and ryan's status is he better be good to her! He's not my first choice for her but if he makes her happy then congrats to them.

  • pyramid11:11

    Sandra is too old for Ryan. Isn't that what everyone was saying about Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson, that Sean was too old for Scarlett. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Love you, Scarlett.

  • andrea

    I'm so happy for Sandy and Ryan spending more time together! I really hope they marry each other soon!

  • thefan2011

    Is he being stalked?? both are over 21 and determine their own future. God bless them. and everytime he leaves his house on his bike is their someone assigned to follow him. This is stalking by any definition.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    They both deserve to find happiness. That would be nice if it was with each other! Maybe she will talk him into always walking around with no shirt on!