Taylor Swift Performs for Taylor Lautner & Joe Jonas, Gives Special Shout Out (VIDEO)


No bad blood with this group of stars! Taylor Swift had more than a few exes at her concert in Los Angeles on Sunday. Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas were both in attendance after the VMA's, along with Garrett Hedlund whom Taylor went on a date with in Nashville.

We all know Swift is famous for writing about her boyfriends, so which guy in the crowd did Taylor give a shout out to while singing Back to December?

That would be Taylor Lautner!

Apparently while singing the hit tune Swift said, "This is for the boy from Michigan." Lautner is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In the video below, you can see Swift give him a hug. Also, you can see her hug Reese Witherspoon who was also in attendance. The two actually had lunch together at Boa in Los Angeles together on Friday. We're sure we don't have to point out that they share an ex- Jake Gyllenhaal-- who was not at the concert.

Ashley Greene was also on hand for Tay's show where her and Swift's ex Joe Jonas was too.

All the love connections are blowing our minds a bit here! Guess they all get along just fine- or just really love Taylor's music!

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  • Grant

    joe was at the VMA's also Demi is there but joe was NOT at the staples center (taylor's concert)

  • Grant

    Lautner was there which she hugged together with Ashley Green, Garrett Hedlund, Colbie Caillat, Reese Witherspoon and kids, Parachute. Joe was NOT there people. Don't believe everything without any proof. I know cause I was there beside the soundbooth at the back of Colbie.

  • Guest

    Joe was there at the VMA's :) He was pictured with Demi Lovato, you can look it up on the site :)

  • Alyssa

    Pretty sure she hugs Colbie Caillat at :06 too.

  • Melli

    Joe Jonas WAS there...believe me!! Look it up in google...

  • tammy

    LOL the Jonas one is NOT there. Lautner is there for sure which she hugged

  • R.H.

    Jonas was not there. Lautner was there. He and Swift hugged then bloody screaming happened. Oh people really believed everything they read on tabloids and hearsay haha so gaga is there too also adele and tpain ROFL oh people

  • gabrielle

    I'm not believing that Joe was there until I see a picture because people can make it up. But why would Joe go to one of his ex girlfriend's concert's where his other ex gf is (Ashley G). I honestly think him going is just a rumor that is not true but if he went then that's just odd.

  • harry

    joe was not even there. lautner was there and having a great time. she hugged lautner before going on the bigger stage. do people really believed everything people say without any proof ... oh oprah is there too lolololololol