Watch a Clip From Kim Kardashian's Steamy Music Video! (VIDEO)

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Part of Kim Kardashian's music video for her single "Jam (Turn It Up)" hit the internet Monday. All we have to say is -- wow!

Wearing some pink booty shorts with a "KK" on them and a white tank top, you see a very, very sweaty Kim crawl on her hands and knees towards a fan. This is one hot and steamy video!

The video tends to focus mainly on on Kardashian's back side, with booty shot after booty shot. Kris Humphries you are one lucky guy!

Check out the clip -- but warning, there are major strobe light flashes -- and tell us what you think!



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    actually paris' songs were even better

  • Name

    13yr old girl what is your e-mail?

  • 13yr old girl
    13yr old girl

    So horny I want a guy to cum on my face.

  • sam

    Yeah as a fan of Kim it really is entertaining by the way of the music video but if you repeat it again and again it's like sticking in your mind. It is really good but her voice I mean shit. But if you go to clubs it's actually a music in there and you don't even think it's Kim that singing it. Cool by the way

  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
    Isabel Alejandra Díaz

    The video It's like.. unexpectedly surprising, but still I love Kim so It's fine:)

  • agnes

    pure 100% porn. its even more porn than sweat by snoop dog.

  • illana911

    Great, another Paris Hilton. Just because the paparazzi takes pictures of you doesn't mean you can sing!!! What happened to celebrities who are famous because of their talent, their entertaining talent? Julia Roberts? Natalie Portman? Adele? Now THESE people have talent. Stick with the pornos, Kim Kardashian, that's the only thing you're good at.

  • Hmmm

    Don't mean to be rude, but you're a lawyer and you're looking for love on a Celebuzz site? Either you're lying or you need to get out more often.

  • Ugly Fuck
    Ugly Fuck

    Lol you loser. Get a life you ugly fuck.

  • Sad

    Dude you need to get out more often instead of looking for love here. It's pretty sad and pathetic. It also shows you're not confident with your looks if you have to look online rather then just show your face.

  • AlaBella

    OK. Now anyone who hasn't watch Kim's sex tape knows what she looks like when she steps out of the shower!

  • funengfeng


  • lovelyy124

    The video is oversexified- it's trying to make up for the lack of vocal ability and lyrical content.

  • Alexandraaa

    I like her but I feel like she tries to be too sexy. Especially in this was very porno.

  • Aya

    I have nothing against her so I mean no offense but how does she expect people to forget her porn past when she does stuff like THIS? They keep saying she wants to put it behind her but that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw how slicked up and stripped down she was. The song...reminiscent of Paris' attempt at...well, whatever it was she tried to do. Paying your bills Kim? Oh, and how...

  • Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober
    Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober

    she should stick to advertising :/


    well my ears are bleeding, thanks.

  • daniella567751

    This is really really horrible, she can't even sing. :(

  • Raylisa Jane
    Raylisa Jane

    i love kim !! ive been waitin for this video!