‘90210’ – The Musical? Jessica Lowndes & Jessica Stroup Film Concert Scene (PHOTOS)

The Girls of 90210
Check out the ladies of Beverly Hills!
While the new season of 90210 doesn’t hit the airwaves until September 13, the (hopefully) sweet sounds of the series could be heard floating on the breeze along the California shore line today when cast members filmed a concert scene. 

Jessica Lowndes and Jessica Stroup — suggested group name The Jessicas — were both on location at the beach, where Stroup played the piano and worked the mic.  Lowndes, looking pretty in a green dress, appeared to be carrying notes while preparing for her scene.

It was recently announced the girls will be getting a new cutie on set this season, as Nickelodeon star Ryan Rottman (who also happens to be dating Victoria Justice) is headed to the coveted zip code. 

Rottman has just joined the hit CW show as “Shane,” a handsome, intelligent college student who doesn’t mind taking time off school to campaign for marriage equality. Sorry ladies! His character is gay. 

No matter who he hooks up with, viewers are likely to get an eye full this season — the cast has been all over the beach filming upcoming episodes!