Britney Spears’ Backup Dancers Make Their Own Tribute Routine (VIDEO)

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If the MTV Video Music Awards left you wanting a little more Britney Spears, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

After watching the iconic award show tribute to the Princess of Pop, her backup dancers decided to join in on the action and prepare their own little Britney tribute. Check out the insanely adorable video above!

The impromptu video which consisted of the Femme Fatale tour dancers, only took less than three hours to film! The dancers grooved to Brit-Brit’s “Me Against the Music” which features vocals from the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna

Though both tributes are beyond amazing, it does leave us begging the question, which tribute did you enjoy more: MTV’s or the Femme Fatale Backup Dancers’? Let us know in the comments!