Cute Kid Alert! Kourtney Kardashian Naps With Baby Mason (PHOTOS)

Update: Photos removed from Celebuzz. Click through the gallery on Kim's site for pics from their trip.

Could Mason be any cuter?! The tot cuddled up next to his parents Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick as the family traveled to NYC.

While the three got some shut eye, Kim Kardashian decided to capture the adorable family moment, writing on her official blog:

"Kourt, Scott, Mason and I all flew to NYC yesterday. Look how cute Kourt, Mason and Scott were on the plane!!! So adorable!"
The Kardashians are back in the city, gearing up to film the second season of Kim & Kourtney Take New York.  

Once landed, Kim reunited with her new hubby Kris Humphries. The couple couldn’t have looked happier as they stepped out of their hotel. Over the weekend, the newlyweds spent some time apart while Kris traveled to Minnesota to pack for his move east and Kim stayed in LA to attend the MTV VMAs.



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  • rachel

    love those boots kris

  • Matthew Jahnke
    Matthew Jahnke

    That is a really cute picture, Kim.

  • Claudia Aragon
    Claudia Aragon

    I love baby Mase. Much love n respect.

  • Noella Nsobolaa
    Noella Nsobolaa

    What is it like Canon

  • Priscila De Andrade Nascimento
    Priscila De Andrade Nascimento

    .Omg! I like Kris so much. She is crazy, but she's a perfect Mom and manager. Is such an icon. she have a lot of love and we can feel this even so far. xoxoxo Kris Jenner

  • Priscila De Andrade Nascimento
    Priscila De Andrade Nascimento

    Wonderful family. God Bless. xoxox

  • Priscila De Andrade Nascimento
    Priscila De Andrade Nascimento


  • Priscila De Andrade Nascimento
    Priscila De Andrade Nascimento

    ecat! What a hell...

  • Priscila De Andrade Nascimento
  • Priscila Nascimento
    Priscila Nascimento

    Loucaaaaaaaaa...e Lindaaaaaaaaaaa...I love Kim. Soooo beautiful. Brazil love u.

  • pinkbingo

    Even Bruce looks "newly refreshed".

  • pinkbingo

    Nope Kris, you're not a porker anymore. Not even a tanker! ;o)

  • pinkbingo

    Mason has Khloe's nose.

  • pinkbingo

    Nice pants Scott :D

  • pinkbingo

    Sorry Scott, but he looks 100% Kardashian.

  • pinkbingo

    omg, he looks just like his uncle Rob!

  • @CaroQuintremil

    Mason so cute

  • dawn r.
    dawn r.

    love this pic. i heart you khloe!

  • cesar78

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  • Nicole

    guess that binky is his security blanket

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but he's the ugliest celeb kids I've ever seen in my life with his adult face. UGH

  • HannahB

    I love the Kardashians but this story is lame!

  • sallyjenn

    awwww, mason is the cutest little guy, and they dress him so well, he is already a lady killer!