Giveaway Alert! Win the Elle & Blair Twilight Glitz Cell Phone Case from Cellairis -- Just Like Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift Cellairis by Elle & Blair Twilight Glitz Giveaway
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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Cellairis specializes in fun and colorful protective cases for cell phones and other electronics. The company recently partnered with YouTube fashion mavens Elle and Blair Fowler to create 'Cellairis by Elle & Blair', a line of limited edition cases. These designer cases have already been spotted on the phones of Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift -- and now it's your turn to get your very own! 

Celebuzz has teamed up with Cellairis to give one lucky reader the Twilight Glitz cell phone case. The black and blue bedazzled case can be fitted onto Apple, Blackberry, Android, and HTC phones. Here's how to enter:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us why you should win the Twilight Glitz case. PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Tuesday, September 6th at 9 AM ET.

Good luck and get to commenting!


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  • alexandriaaa915

    OMG! I’ve legit been following Blair and Elle Fowler for foreveeeeer!<333 I can honestly say I have spent days and days watching and trying out your hair and make-up tutorials. I’ve even introduced my friends to your tutorials and we are such huggge fans! You girls arre so extremely talented and gorgeous, and I would die to have a cellairis case! I just bought the iPhone4 with my own money since my parents wouldn’t buy me a phone and it took forever to save for(my parents make me buy everything). I need a case to keep my phone, that took me sooo long to get, protected but I don’t want just any case. Actually, I’ve been begging them for a cellairis case but once again they told me I have to save for it! But who wouldn’t love to have a cellairis case? They’re fun, fashionable and have crystals, which totally represent me and my personality! I love having sparkly cases, infact I would always buy some cases from the mall that were terrible quality, where the crystals always fell out and it would waste my hard earned money! However, Blair said the crystals from cellairis don’t fall off and since theyre absolutely adorable and cute I just HAVE to have it!!! Plus even though I am a girly girl my favorite color is blue and that’s why the Twilight Glitz case would be PERFECCCT for me! (: I’ll tell everyone about you’re cases and it would be a huuuge honor to have the same phone case as Blair, Elle, Demi and Taylor<33333

  • Sam

    I think I should get the case because though I have been through so much socially I have stayed true to who I am and because of that it would be great to have something that symbolizes my personality

  • Margarita Calderón
    Margarita Calderón

    Omg i need thus case! 50 dollars is pretty expensuve for a case but it is so pretty!!!!

  • pearlysmed

    Oooo its shiney!!!

  • kay

    she didn't even buy that. they gave taylor that at teen choice.

  • La Mora
    La Mora

    I've been wanting to "glam" up my cell phone but can't find the right thing - til NOW! This would be perfect :)

  • ambermiller86

    I would LOVE this!! First off.. It would be amazing to walk around with a cell phone case that not everyone else has.. second of all.. I LOVE SPARKLES!!!

  • Caitlyn Johnston
    Caitlyn Johnston

    i didn't mean to post that twice sorry (: lol

  • Caitlyn Johnston
    Caitlyn Johnston

    i really would hope to win this case because i cannot afford it on my own but it is sooooo cute!!! i am begging my mom to buy me one of these but she just wont budge because it costs so much! but i love it! and sparkles are like my favorite thing!!! and i never really have had a sparkly case soo.. yeah it would be perfect! and i LOVE elle and blair i have really learned so much from them (:

  • Caity

    i really would hope to win this case because i cannot afford it on my own but it is sooooo cute!!! i am begging my mom to buy me one of these but she just wont budge! and sparkles are like my favorite thing!!! and i never really have had a sparkly case soo.. yeah it would be perfect! and i LOVE elle and blair's videos i have really learned so much from them (:

  • Abigail Jansen
    Abigail Jansen

    I think i should win because I'm a HUGE fan of this site ;D and i have never won anything useful in my life so i think this is the right time :3 and because I'm feeling VERY lucky :D

  • chuajenny

    it is so sparkling, so beautiful :) it will brighter my day

  • Amani Deen
    Amani Deen

    I want one of these so bad! My old case broke and this would a magnificent replacement :) :)

  • Yasmin Muse
    Yasmin Muse

    I would love to win this because it would compliment my new blackberry!

  • Magdalena Kaczko
    Magdalena Kaczko

    I'd love to winb beacause I love blue and zebra print! it's perfect for me and it will complete my outfit because I have a lot of blue and black clothes:) and it's supertrendy having beautiful phone:)

  • Katya

    I should win it because I've never won anything in my life. But I want to so badly!

  • Marykaymarin

    I need to win the case because my Beautiful 7yr old Grandaughter would say Oh Mimi it's so pretty!!! And it would make my day to hear the excitement in her voice! Also I have a brand new white I phone and no case so I could really use it!! :)

  • adriellebieber

    I would love to own the twilight glitz case from elle and blair's cellairis line because i think the case truly fits me! it represents who i am and my personality. it is glamorous yet edgy and i love that about this case! Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato also have this case! Taylor and Demi are my 2 role models. I love them both and their music. If i had the same cell phone case as them, it would be an honor and amazing to share something in common with my idols.

  • kellylove93

    I would love to win this case because I am ready for a new trendy and cute phone case!

  • chelyea

    I need to win because I don't always accessorize the way I should. With two young kids, I don't always have the time. I need this cell phone case not only to protect my phone but to add a little glam to my life.

  • Christianna Gabrielle
    Christianna Gabrielle

    I would love to win it because to be honest, it is what i am saving up for before school starts and if I win this, I could just use the money i've saved up for for something else! :)

  • Monica Villagomez
    Monica Villagomez

    luv the cellairis by elle & blair fowler line. i reallly would like to win because i think my phone needs a makeover haha its just plain boring it needs to be spiced up with some glam :D

  • olga jenkins
    olga jenkins

    I would love to own one of these really sparkly phone cases. I've never owned anything pretty,and sparkly, I've always admired people who own pretty nice things...its nice to be able to afford them...pick me,and I will be so proud to wear this fun case on my phone.

  • KirbyK9

    I love Taylor Swift! I listen to her everyday practically all day long! I love her style and her phone case is amazing! I hav2 admit I probably won't keep it though. My boyfriend's little sister is a Taylor fanatic. We took her to one of her concerts and she cried through the whole thing in the pouring rain with a hooded jacket that she didn't want to put on because Taylor wasn't wearing one. This would make her life!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brittany Halper
    Brittany Halper

    I need a new case so badly and this is the most gorgeous one I've ever seen. It would really inspire me to treat my phone like a piece of priceless jewelry.

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    i like the case, cute yet sexy, gives me an excuse to buy a new phone that would complement it

  • Hana

    I should win because I'm obsessed with all the celebs you're promoting and literally use celebuzz as my bible because celebrities are my idollsssss!!

  • rebeldegurl1991

    It would look great on my MyTouch 4G! I love all the sparkles!

  • Kristen Flowers
    Kristen Flowers

    Dear celebuzz, Please let Kristen win the new iPhone case. I am ashamed to show my screen in public with the chipped, broken case I am currently wearing! I would find a new found confidence if I was able to step out in the sun and shine! I would feel like a new, fresh out of the box iPhone again if I was able to glitter while being pressed to Kristen's ear. Hope you can make my dream come true! Sincerely, Kristen's iphone!

  • Nicole

    i would LOVE to have this amazing case because i just got the iphone and my parents make me let my little sister play with it and shes little so she contantly is dropping it!(: and plus its SUPER cute!

  • Sonia

    I would love to win this case because it's so stylish. I love the colors and the special touch Elle and Blair give to them. I would love to have this case for back to school season, and to take it to the Taylor Swift concert I'm attending in November! I love all these girls for their unique taste in style and glamour.

  • Jodee Sullivan
    Jodee Sullivan

    I would love to win because I absolutely LOVE Taylor Swift, Elle, and Blair. They are my inspiration and role models! :D They are always so positive and fun and nice and caring! They are just super amazing and I would love to win this phone case because it will connect me to all three! :D

  • Sophie

    I would die to have this case!! I have been begging my mom to get it for me for my birthday but it's ages away and I can't wait! I think this is by far one of the coolest cases in the collection and one of the coolest cases I've ever seen :) I look up to Elle and Blair so much and I think I've seen and loved everyone of their YouTube vids. I'm in love with the design of this case and the colors. Thank you for reading and I reeally hope I win :D xoxo Sophie

  • Cecilia Bui
    Cecilia Bui

    I should win the elle and blair case because Demi, Taylor, Elle, and Blair are all of my idols. It makes me thinks dreams do come true, i could be like my role models. I just went to the meet and greet with Demi and it made me cry. I would buy it, but I cant afford it. My dad is laid off and my mom is not allowed to work due to medical reasons, and my parents wont let me buy one because they want me tosave money for college. It would mean the world to me if I could get this case.

  • Carrie

    I would absolutely LOVE to win one of the Elle & Blair cases. When I was in the hospital I would always watch their videos! They are my favorite YouTube gurus <3 With the expensive hospital bills I can't afford any of the cases & I wasn't able to go your meetup so getting this case would be a dream come true! & Demi AND Taylor having the same case would just be so so so amazing! If I had the case I'd reccomend to all my friends and family...I'd just be so happy plus my birthday's coming up soon! ^_^ So please pick me Elle & Blair!(: xoxo Carrie

  • jenniifer23

    I absoulutley love elle and blair and I watch all of their videos all the time! They are my idols and they are so much fun to watch on youtube! I would love this case because blue is my favorite color. And I just got a new iphone for my birthday! I also am so clumsy and always drop my ipod everywhere so cases are the best inventions yet! Thanks, Jennifer. (:

  • Ellisa

    I'd like to win the case because Blair, Elle, Taylor and Demi are my idols and it would be awesome if I could have something matching

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    My phone needs to be bedazzled! I've seriously never made it look girly even though that is my true personality. I love purple and pink too! This would look so cute. I always have my phone out all the time too so I could advertise for you guys and will gladly share the company's name of these awesome cell phone cases!

  • Olivia Romano
    Olivia Romano

    I think I deserve to win this case because I am a HUGE suppoter of Taylor Swift & Demi Lovato. They are my inspirations. I would feel honored to have the same case as them! Elle & Blair i have been following for 2 years now. I have probably tried every hair & make - up tutorial those beautiful girls have ever done. Now they have a cell phone case line? What will they think of next... So talented! The cases they've designed reflect their distinct style -- i love it! To own something designed by them would be a dream come true! For me, finding the right case is a hard decision. I don't want something too bland, but not something too flashy, and its gotta be good quality.. with a good price! My previous case decided it would give its life and fall down the stairs.. So I'm looking for a new one. If I won the case, my iphone would wear it with pride! Its good looking, good quality & lets be honest.. its blue zebra baby! Who wouldn't love that? I would tell everyone to buy your dazzling cases and promote you guys whenever i get the chance. Thanks (: <3 Olivia

  • memommon

    It would be great protection for my phone and make it much easier to find. Its so blingy and beautiful!!

  • Kimberly

    I should win this because I don't have anything this nice for my phone. I have one with snowmen on it and it's a little outdated.

  • Tatiana Fernald
    Tatiana Fernald

    I want to win for two reasons ! 1. Because I just (Cracked My Phone :( ) and 2. Because ( I Love Elle&Blair! ) I would wear your Case with Pride,and Tell all My Friends to buy your cases :)

  • xlivelovedancex

    I just think this case is adorable, and at $50 it's out of my price range. Also, I LOVE Elle&Blair's YouTube videos so anything they put out, I'm sure is wonderful!

  • Taylor

    heey (: i think i should win this case because i am obsessed with two things: blue zebra, and blair fowler!!! i have seen EVERY one of her videos and i just loveee herr!! i also loveee blue zebra! i also REALLY want one of the elle and blair cases! i love them all!! OMGHHKP I REALLY HOPE YOU PICK MEE!! <3 :)

  • Nicole mini
    Nicole mini

    I love Elle and Blaire! I'm 21 years old and something I notice everyday, especially with girls - is that we could all use real girls, real women, to look up to. Elle and Blaire are wonderful influences for girls of all ages. They inspire me personally with the tools to feel beautiful even on the days that I wake up feeling anything but. Their cell phone line is just another way to feel beautiful, fashionable, and confident! I would really love this case to feel great about myself - my sense of fashion, beauty, and my confidence! Thanks Elle and Blaire!!

  • msjztv

    I should win because my phone needs it. It has so many cracks and is pretty ugly. You'd be doing everyone a favor by protecting and dressing up my eyesore with a lovely, sparkly case. :)

  • Littelblueberrysmile Dominika
    Littelblueberrysmile Dominika

    Well if you would see my iphone it's like a totall disaster, Im ashamed of it, I had some cases but they are so boring and kind of crap. Im such a fan of blair and elle, and I wish I could have one of their cases, they are so cute and where I live you can't really get them :(

  • Stephanie

    I need a case that will protect my phone, but still be fun and girly! :D

  • Denisse Cruz Lpn
    Denisse Cruz Lpn

    I would LOVE to win because I definitely want to ROCK it like Elle and Blair and Demi and Taylor!! I think I would feel like a celebrity if I won this case.

  • Krystal

    I hope I get picked because I think Elle and blair are strong women who came along ways to make there dreams come true and put love in to everything they do and they have overcome the hate and negativity that being on the Internet can give them I'm proud of them so I would be honored to have a piece of there accomplishments I'm not ssinf I deserve it because there's a million other ppl that do out there and I truly want who ever needs a case and can't afford one to get it but I would love to have one as well but any ways I want to thank Elle and Blair for these BEAUTIFUL cases good luck to all participants and congrats to the winner either way the case is beautiful

  • danielleakame

    i should win it because i have a boring black case! i need to get something more girly! i was actually looking on ebay this morning for something, but the cases i order usually aren't the best quality! and i have to trash them within a week! i would love to have a cute beautiful case of quality!

  • Krystal

    I hope I get picked because I think Elle and blair are strong women who came along ways to make there dreams come true and put love in to everything they do and they have overcome the hate and negativity that being on the Internet can give them I'm proud of them so I would be honored to have a piece of there accomplishments I'm not ssinf I deserve it because there's a million other ppl that do out there and I truly want who ever needs a case and can't afford one to get it but I would love to have one as well but any ways I want to thank Elle and Blair for these BEAUTIFUL cases good luck to all participants and congrats to the winner

  • Suany

    Hi!! I believe that I should be the winner of the cell phone case because it is absolutely gorgeous and i feel in love with it the second I saw it! Also I've been looking everywhere for a knew iPhone case. I actually drop my phone very often which is not good! But I know that a case like this one will be perfect for keeping me phone in one piece! Also I love Blair and Elle Im always watching their videos and I love their ideas. Thank you!

  • Melinda Szekeres
    Melinda Szekeres

    I've watched Elle & Blair's beauty videos for the longest time ever... It's amazing how far they've come: Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato using phone cases they've designed! I'd love to win that case because that way it would be pretty cool having an item (in this case, a really cute phone case) that all four of my idols have. :DD

  • casey

    I should win this case bc I don't have one for my HTC EVO at the time and I totally adore elle&Blair. I Wld love nothin more thn to have something designed by them 2.

  • Hayley Smith
    Hayley Smith

    This is SUPER adorable and mega pretty :D Would love to own one :D

  • smileymileyms2

    I should win this,because i'm big fan of both Elle & Blair and Taylor Swift. It would look awesome on my iphone and it's one of my favourite case from the line, and i live in europe so it's more compilcated to get it here:D

  • Chrystal Dutton
    Chrystal Dutton

    I would love something cool to decorate the new phone that I am getting next month

  • carla serra
    carla serra

    I should win the Twilight Glitz case because its impossible to not want a case like that. its fashional, protect my phone, because Demi Lovato got one and i´m a huge fan of her and want one like she has... Im a huge fan of celebuzz and promot you... PLEASE I NEED ONE OF THAT......PLEASEEEE

  • allison1218

    I think that i should win the case because i love that case and the minute there cases became available i thought that one was my favorite :) I am a really big fan of Elle & Blair and have been watching there videos forever now!! thank you for considering me! Allison!

  • Ashlee Luzetsky
    Ashlee Luzetsky

    I should win because I need a new case for my iphone. I also love watching Elle and Blair's video's so, to have something they designed would be so awesome.

  • Kayla Eve Avital Gubov
    Kayla Eve Avital Gubov

    i would love this case!! its so gorgeous!! My phone needs some sparkle :P

  • Ieva Bartuskaite
    Ieva Bartuskaite

    I should win because, I love Elle&Blair videos on youtube and I love they'r style. My iphone does not have any case, so i really need one! Also, I'm big blue color and glitter- if I get the Twilight Glitz case that would be so cool! :)

  • stephschro

    I just got an iphone FINALLY but it needs a case! And a cute sparkly case like twilight glitz would be peeeerfect :)

  • Deva Gibson
    Deva Gibson

    I should win because my otter box for my iphone is dingy and old! I need a new case that will brighten up my phone and it will also help me because no one else will have one!

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    i should win because I've never had a case like that before and i'm getting a new phone in a few weeks so it would be perfect timing! :)

  • Arianna Jimenez
    Arianna Jimenez

    I love giving an unique style to my phone and this is cover is my style!

  • emmy411

    I would LOVE to win the Twilight Glitz case because I am such a girly girl and I LOVE all things glittery, girly, sparkly, and blingy and this case is all four<3!!! I have been an Elle and Blair Fowler fan FOREVER, I am subscribed to all 4 of their youtube channels, both beauty and vlog, I watched ALL of their videos and totally trust their advice when it comes to beauty and fashion and I always do their looks. I follow their website, checking it every morning with my e-mail, facebook, twitter, and celebuzz, I 'like' them both on facebook and follow them both on twitter. Also, cellairis makes the most AMAZING cases with the best protection and Blair said that the crystals do not fall off!!! That is such great news because being the girly girl I am, I have always wanted a sparkly case however, the crystals always fall of. I want my phone to look cute and girly and uber fashionable and at the same time be protected and this case does just that plus it was designed by my favorite fashionistas:) Being a student with all of my other expenses, this case is still kind of expensive for me even though at $50 it is an AWESOME price. ALL of these are the reasons I would LOVE to win this case<3!!! I like celebuzz on facebook and follow on twitter @emmybear411 THANK YOU:D!!!

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    This is so cute! I always throw my phone inside my purse and can never find it. I bet I will see it now with this pretty cover over it!

  • miireyaa

    A case would really come in handy to protect my phone and add a bit of color to it.

  • emorgan223

    I need something to prevent me from dropping my phone so much!

  • wheat636

    I'd love to give my phone some protection and give it a sparkly new look!