Happy 39th Birthday, Cameron Diaz! (PHOTOS)

Cameron's Bikini Vacay
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It’s hard to believe it, but eternally youthful-looking actress Cameron Diaz is celebrating her 39th birthday today, August 30.

Diaz has been one of the most famous faces in Hollywood for decades, thanks to a string of memorable movie roles in the ’90s, including The Mask, My Best Friend’s Wedding and There’s Something About Mary. With expert comedic timing and undeniable charm, Cameron quickly proved to be much more than a pretty face, landing roles in films by such herald directors as Spike Jonze, Cameron Crowe and Martin Scorsese, and proved her box-office power in the Charlie’s Angels and Shrek series.

Nowadays, the Bad Teacher star is as well-known for her high-profile romances as she is for her movies. Among the hotties she’s been linked to in the last few years include Justin Timberlake and her current beau, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

As for her upcoming movie projects, Cameron is currently shooting a role in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, in which five couples deals with the highs and lows of pregnancy. She also has a role in the Coen brothers’ Gambit remake, opposite Colin Firth.

In honor of Cameron’s 39th birthday, click through our gallery to see some of her hottest looks.