Jennifer Aniston Heads to the Studio! (PHOTOS)

Jen & Justin in London
Couple touches down at airport
It looks like Jennifer Aniston has managed to leave her and Justin Theroux’s cozy love nest to get a little work done!

The 42-year-old actress was spotted getting driven around in a golf cart at a studio set on Tuesday morning in LA. Dressed in her signature color (black), Jen looked cute and casual as she had some breakfast and coffee on the go.

Recently, Jen opened up about why she likes to keep things simple, fashion-wise.

She talked to Glamour about that teeny purple bikini she loves to rock:

“I’ll wear it for as many years as the strings still tie! Bathing suits now have so much hardware on them that they singe your skin. When you take your bikini off, it looks like you’ve been branded with crop circles and lightning bolts and words like Gucci!”

Do you like Jen’s simple style? Or do you wish she were more trendy? (The Celebuzz staffers are partial to her simplistic/classic look!) Let us know what YOU think in the comments!