On Set of Kendall Jenner's Latest Photo Shoot! (PHOTOS)

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Kendall Jenner's Photo Shoot

Kendall Jenner just posted pics on her blog from her prom style photo shoot and we just have one thing to say: stunning!

"Hey guys!! I have a ton of pics from my Sherri Hill shoot this weekend so I’ll be posting them all this week," Kendall writes. "Kylie joined me on set and we wore the most AMAZING dresses. I was obsessed with every single one!!!"

"Kate Best did our makeup (I loved this look!!) Paul Anthony did our hair, Kayla McGee and Bory did the styling and Fadil Berisha was the photographer. This was such a fun shoot and I really hope you guys like the pics!!"

Love all these pics! What do you think Celebuzz readers? What look is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!



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    Love It!


    Oh, my....This is a BEAUTIFUL pic!


    She's a MODEL! They start young....get a life!

  • AMOS

    DAMN, I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!! The dress is cute too!

  • briana

    i love your sister shes the best she so great i wanna come over sometimes or just meet up somewhere.yeaaaa haha love the jenner and kardashian family but mom fyi u should keep your last name jenner it's your husband last name he and your family will be proud of wat desion you make if u wanna reply to wat i say u can click me up on janessanessa@hotmail.com

  • Krystee

    Haterssssssssssssssssssssssss..... Kendal You look beautiful like the rest of your sisters. You will always have haters always. But look who's on top . You. Keep doing what you do Your biggest fan Krystee

  • maria

    Kendall is sort of young to be modeling this kind of stuff. And she could put on a little bit more weight you know. She'd still look sexy and healthy. She's sort of too skinny.

  • maria

    She's pretty (I never said she was ugly), but lol, no way is she prettier than Selena Gomez. Especially not Kylie. Just drop it, they are pretty in their own way, but they can't match up to the likes of Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, etc. Those gals are seriously dolls, these two are only 15 and 13. It's just not possible to be prettier than them, I don't understand how anyone could say that without being blind. I know she's 15, but she has acne either way. There are a lot of people out there who have clear skin even at 15, it especially shouldn't be that hard for Kendall of all people. That's what ruins it when you compare her to Selena. She doesn't have acne :) Kendall may be 15 but it isn't that hard to keep you're skin clear if you have more than enough money to buy products, and Selena's 19 and way busier and her skin is flawless all the time. Thanks, I'll check out the account. And nah, Kylie is really not that pretty. Like in all. Just her eyes, but that's it. Out of those two, Kendall definitely wins. But she is not prettier than Selena Gomez, but pretty in her own way :) I don't see how you could compare Selena and her anyways. Selena is 19, Kendall is only freaking 15.... But one thing is for sure, Kim is gonna have competition soon :) Kendall's really pretty for being only 15 :)

  • JohnGio127

    Your crazy the Jenner sisters are way prettier than Selena Gomez and why hating on kendalls acne she's freaking 15 years old and kylie is pretty too look for us in our YouTube account johngio127.

  • maria

    Kendall is pretty, and I love the dresses she's modeling. But no way is she prettier than Selena freaking Gomez. Come on now people. Selena's a doll! At least Selena doesn't have acne....

  • maria

    How the hell is Kendall prettier than freaking Selena Gomez? Kendall is too skinny compared to her. Plus, she has acne. Selena has perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect body. All in all, she's a doll. Kendall is pretty but comparing her with Selena Gomez and saying she's prettier is just a huge joke. Kylie isn't even pretty, period. Except maybe her eyes. Out of those two, Kendall is definitely prettier.

  • maria

    Neither of them are prettier than Selena Gomez. Y'all are seriously blind.

  • maria

    How the hell does she look like Selena to start off with? Selena has a totally different face. And lol no way does she look prettier. Selena is wayy prettier, she's like a doll! Kendall has acne and she's skinnier, like too skinny :P

  • maria

    LOL Kendall is so not prettier. Selena's a doll!

  • monique thompson
    monique thompson

    go kendall your like so on your way im loving these pics

  • stephanie lee
    stephanie lee

    where do i find this dess in the sherri hill collection ? :O

  • Em

    wow! i absolutely love Kendall <3 she's stunning, has the perfect body and she needs to get more credit plus she's an amazing role model xxx

  • Jessica

    Sooo true

  • VaneSsa

    I like them both but Kendall is far prettier than Kylie. Kendall and Kourtney are the prettiest sisters

  • Arquimedes Diaz
    Arquimedes Diaz

    kendall jenner!!!

  • No way!
    No way!

    Kendall is waaay prettier than Selena and Kylie is not ugly but shes not as stunning as Kendall and I know alot of ppl agree with me... Kylie is like "normal looking" Kendall is more exotic wich makes her prefect for modeling... (but obviously ppl have different opinions)

  • Joe croft
    Joe croft

    She is very preety but not prettier then selena ...,,kylie is prettier than selena not kendal and by the way she looks gorgeous in that dress

  • nixsta


  • Jessica Skinner
    Jessica Skinner

    love this picture!! your are such a beautiful girl!!

  • johnmichael24

    It looked like she was almost naked, nice.

  • Felicia Memani
    Felicia Memani

    Wooow!u r so gorgeous Kendall, very nice pics keep it up girl! Confidence girl! Go Kendall!! Go Kendall! "Singing"

  • martin

    are the most beautiful girl on the planet

  • kewlgirl

    kendall ur shoesssssssssssss

  • staystrong

    she is prettier than selena

  • staystrong

    to me she looks like selena gomez but even more beautiful

  • NiNa

    Beautiful <3

  • julianhunt


  • NiNa

    She's 15 and looks like this already?? This girl will be Fierce in her 20's watch out Kim K

  • Alix Verriest
    Alix Verriest

    Yep she is the hottest one in the family

  • Michelle Amengual
    Michelle Amengual

    Kendall i love the dress a lot.

  • shan-rose..x

    Stunning. All you sisters are beautiful, you must get it from yo moma!xx