Readers Respond: Could You See Lindsay Lohan & Chris Brown As a Couple?

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After Sunday’s VMAs, there has been a bit of Twitter-flirting between Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan and we just had to ask our readers — could you see these two as a couple?

While Chris is currently involved with someone, Lindsay is single and hasn’t really dated since her ex Samantha Ronson is this her attempt at trying to spark a little romance, or maybe she’s just trying to be friendly?

Regardless of her intentions, we took the debate to Facebook to see what our readers thought about these two potentially coupling up.

Some people were not feeling it:

Sarah G. said: “Don’t do it Chris!!!”

Lenora S. said: “oh gawd, that would be disaterous!!!”

Carla R. said: “Oh no I hope not I like chris brown boy don’t put urself there….she needs to get her act together…”

While some could see it happening:

Kathleen K. said: “Yes, they are both wacked!!!!”

Holly F. said: “Two higly disfunctional people? Oh yea, match made in heaven!”

Kaylee W. said: “both nutty. so yes.”

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