Chaz Bono Excited Despite ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Controversy (PHOTOS)

Cher Defends Chaz!
Cher tweets & defends her son on 'DWTS'
Almost immediately after Chaz Bono was named the first ever transgender person to perform on Dancing with the Stars, on online debate popped up on the show’s message boards. 

Typically bigoted comments range from “disgusted” viewers to those who claim they have no issue with Chaz — but don’t wish to see his “lifestyle” flaunted on the show. Haters gonna hate, while many others have defended the decision. 

How has Chaz handled the controversy?

It appears he intends to rise above it by ignoring negative remarks and get in the rehearsal time he needs to put on a good debut performance when the show premieres September 19.

Today, a seemingly chipper Chaz posed for the paps as he arrived to the dance studio. Earlier this morning, he told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show: [Dancing] gave me an opportunity to really physically challenge myself. For so many years, I was uncomfortable with my body. And now finally being comfortable in it for the first time, doing something like this was really appealing to me.”

Without specifically addressing the growing controversy over his casting, Chaz did also mention during the interview that he was looking forward to get to know David Arquette, who has a transgender sister.