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It was recently reported that after a few short months of dating, Jennifer Aniston, 42, moved in with her 40-year-old beau Justin Theroux, which got Celebuzz asking: Is it too soon?

We went to couples therapist Dr. Michelle Golland to get some answers, and her responses may surprise you.

What makes Justin Theroux different from all the other guys we’ve seen Jennifer with in the past?
 Justin by all accounts seems to be more of strong tough male than the other men Jennifer has dated in the past. Justin has an edge to him, given his tattoos and punk-rock bent. He is sexy and hot but not in a metrosexual way like Bradley Cooper. Justin also seems more mature than say Vince Vaughn. Vince has a very male feeling but is also a goofball. I have always felt that Jennifer is a strong independent woman and she needs a strong-confident man with more toughness and less prettiness.

Jennifer is now 42. Do you think age is playing a factor in her moving in with Justin so soon?
 Yes, because I believe as we get older we are far more decisive about what we are willing to discard and what we are willing to invest in within our personal relationships. Jennifer also seems to be trying even more parts of herself on the screen such as in Wanderlust (of which Justin costars) and Horrible Bosses. Confidence and flexibility are a gift of age. Her becoming more a “woman” and less of a “girl” in her work life may have allowed her to let in more a “man” and less of a “boy” which may have helped her feel attracted to Justin. The other men she has been with seemed more boyish to me.

Justin was in a very serious relationship prior to dating Jenn of which he reportedly broke things off rather abruptly. Would you heed any warnings the actress’ way?
I don’t really believe in the “rebound” concept and that simply because you were the next one right after a break up means you won’t go on to have a wonderful long life together and have babies, or whatever your wish is in your relationship. You must take each relationship at face value and move from that experience in time.

Is it too soon to be moving in together?
 In the case of Justin and Jennifer, it doesn’t seem too soon for a variety of reasons. One, their age has a factor as well as their financial status. Why I say this is because the life style they have allows them to not feel bound or connected because of finances. The choice comes out of wanting to actually physically be together which also given their careers may make it challenging if they lived in separate homes. When people are younger and finances become mixed in with big decisions, that may get pushed forward. Then it becomes a matter of convenience but in a negative way. Let’s face it, these are two people in their 40s who have been around the block a few times.

What would your advice be for the couple seeing as they’ve already taken the plunge?
Communicate!!!! Understand that the amazing thing about love and romantic partnership is that it allows you to understand and know yourself better and become the best person you can be, and you get to be a part of your partners journey and help them become the best person they want to be as well. If you hit bumps and you really don’t want it to end then GET HELP from a couple’s therapist. You will never regret it!!

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