Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Out in Beverly Hills (PHOTOS)

It looks like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux enjoy doing just about everything together. 

The hot and heavy couple -- who supposedly just moved in together -- were spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, where Jen reportedly had an appointment in a medical building. We can only imagine the excitement in the waiting room! 

On the way to their awaiting Mercedes Benz, Jennifer was occupied by sucking down a lollipop.

Celebuzz talked to couples therapist Dr. Michelle Golland about their rumored living situation, and she says everybody should calm down about them moving too fast. "It doesn’t seem too soon for a variety of reasons," she noted. "One, their age has a factor as well as their financial status." See more of our interview with Dr. Golland.



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  • michellec

    Still smoking her butts here.

  • ebony

    Jennifer Aniston is really annoying to me. I think that Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston should get amrried but thats their choice. Justin Theroux is ugly.

  • Alice

    love them! i am so happy for them both! hope jen is pregnant and they get married! JustJen!

  • carla

    yeah ppl need to relax they are certainly not 10 years old and plus we are in 2011, why wait, life is too short so if u feel it then do it. period! good for them wish the the best