Kris Humphries & Scott Disick Hang Out Without Kardashian Girls (PHOTOS)

Kris Humphries and Scott Disick left the girls at home for a guys' day out in New York City on Tuesday. 

As we all know by now, Scott is Kourtney Kardashian's man while Kris is the new husband to her sister Kim Kardashian. So, it's no wonder that these two have a lot to chat about! Tuesday seemed to be filled with guy activities with Kris tweeting: 

"This guys was so embarrassed after I smacked him in Madden today! Lol. It's just a game bro."
Meanwhile, the ladies seemed to be having some fun of their own on Tuesday...

Kim, the 30-year-old newlywed, was seen out and about in NYC, and was red hot in this pleated mini. Adding a touch of sparkle is a blinged out necklace. Kourtney wasn’t looking too bad either! Dressed in a gorgeous marigold silk crepe blouse by HONOR, the 32-year-old reality star matched the top with some cute, white bottoms.

Who would you rather hang out with: Kim and Kourtney, or Kris and Scott? Make your choice in the comments below!


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  • Aqueelah

    why don't u ever see kris humphries ever wears his wedding ring like lamar

  • Nicole

    I swear, this boy is such a weirdo, I can't believe she'd pick someone like Lurch, he's such an immature terd. He's not even cute. It's so obvious she settled because her eggs are starting to rot

  • shanice

    Kim and kourtney definitely!

  • Natasha Kaley Komula
    Natasha Kaley Komula

    kim and kourtney

  • I'm just saying
    I'm just saying

    Kris and Scott any time I love the girls but the guys really know how to have some fun!

  • Melissa

    Kim and kourtney

  • Davy Anapaz
    Davy Anapaz

    I would rather hang out with Kim and Kourtney !!!!!