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When you partner with Lacey Schwimmer on Dancing with Stars, she’s got your back! 

In a new interview, the Dancing pro says she’s saddened by the negative reaction her partner Chaz Bono has gotten as the first transgender person to compete on the show. 

“It’s disappointing,” Lacey tells “No human is perfect, so why are they pointing out what they perceive to be an imperfection in someone else? It’s not cool. We’re all taught to not bully, or harass, and treat everyone as equals yet all these people are doing exactly the opposite.”

Lacy says she chooses to “focus on the positive people.”

She also adds that she was super excited to be partnered with Chaz: “I was absolutely thrilled. I’ve always been a huge supporter of the LGBT community and I couldn’t be more excited to have Chaz. Not only is he Sonny & Cher’s child but he’s also a generally cool person.”

“This is my sixth season,” she added. “The producers know that I’m very open-minded and really accepting of everyone,” she says. “Ever since Lance [Bass] was on the show, it opened the door for the LGBT community to be accepted in Middle America and it’s about time. It’s 2011, let’s evolve a little bit here.”