Evan Rachel Wood's Venice Film Festival Suit: Yay or Nay? (POLL)

As celebrities pour -- actually, sail/float is probably better terminology -- into the Venice Film Festival in Italy, casual chic is generally the rule. Linens for the guys, and flowy dresses for the gals tends to be the fashion norm, but Evan Rachel Wood went a bit more high fashion on Wednesday.

Wood joined her Ides of March castmates and stood out with a high-collared blouse along with a blazer and a coiffed hairdo that was definitely more runway ready than boat ready. She also rocked some sassy black-and-white houndstooth heels, which gave a little pop and flair to her otherwise demure outfit.

What do you think of ERW's look? Chic and classy, or too stuffy for Venice? Let your opinion known in our poll up above!



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  • ebony

    Evan Rachael Wood outfit looks a hot mess. Evan si ugly name. Isnt Evan aboyname.


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