Yay or Nay: Sarah Jessica Parker's Yellow Blazer (PHOTOS)

Sarah Jessica Parker's style is pretty much iconic, but is her latest look forgettable?

While heading in to her London hotel on Wednesday, SJP was wearing a simple gray dress, but paired it with a yellow jacket.

Do you think that this pop of color is perfect to liven up the outfit? Or is it too much?

Cast your vote in the poll to let us know your thoughts on SJP's look!

Sarah is currently promoting her latest project, I Don't Know How She Does It, about a mom who tried to balance work, kids, and everything in between. (Hm, sounds familiar!)

Check out the trailer below!



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  • yovesh

    Totally awesome

  • Lenka

    I say it looks great, there's nothing wrong with this combination

  • yadi

    She always looks stunning! good for her. :)

  • danamil0

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  • Lolla

    I like the yellow jacket.