Audrina Patridge & Mom Sport Matching Blue Bikinis in Malibu (PHOTOS)

Like mother, like daughter!

Taking advantage of the southern California sunshine, reality star Audrina Patridge and her mom were spotted on the beach wearing similar blue two-pieces on Wednesday afternoon.

It looks like they're not quite ready to say goodbye to summer (and let's be honest, who is?)!

Audrina tweeted about her labor day plans and said:

"Whose going to Vegas this weekend??!!!.... If so stop by vanity at the hard rock September 3rd!! Xo"
Sounds like fun!

For even more Audrina bikini sexiness, head over to Egotastic!


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  • billigfliegerbuchen

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  • booo

    whats with her hip?it looks disgusting

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    Ewww, no.

  • kfird

    Love Audrina's bikini. Her mum is like psycho though.

  • No way!
    No way!

    She sad her boobs are real... Pamela Andersens boobs are real too -.-'

  • kate

    both have serious issues should act more your age grandma

  • cardinal33

    Quyen Ho . Pronounced QUEEN HOE ? of all the people who posted ,you had to be the only one against her, Yep,JEALOUSY ! has to be the answer..

  • cardinal33

    Souds like JEALOUSY to me .!!!

  • courtneybaaaby

    especially for her age!

  • courtneybaaaby

    her mums smoken

  • eternity

    I've never watched the show but otherwise I think Audrina puts herself out there as trashy and trampy, garden variety. Desperado.

  • Jack Easton
    Jack Easton

    Audrina is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. She's amazing. That woman is incredible.

  • Quyen Ho
    Quyen Ho

    oh god I cant stand these two....they are so lame...just like their stupid reality show.