‘Community’ Star Donald Glover Models Back-to-School Styles for GQ

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He’s not your average rapper, actor, writer or comedian. Quadruple threat Community star Donald Glover is featured in this month’s GQ Magazine (on newsstands now), showing off this season’s varsity style on campus, and the magazine couldn’t help but bring up his work with 30 Rocker Tina Fey!

The actor got his big break thanks to the SNL alum who hired him on as a writer at 30 Rock when he was only 23 and living in NYU housing. Under his rap alias Childish Gambino, he spits some rhymes about the Emmy winner on The Last mixtape, saying: 

“And this next part, sounds like nonsense / But I swear to God, Tina Fey gave me confidence.”

Check him out rapping below. 

In addition to being on Community and having an in with Tina, GQ highlights the fact that Donald already has four albums and a feature length movie to his name. 

When asked who he thinks is his target audience, the 27-year-old answered sarcastically: “The very large population of nerdy black kids who watch Archer.”  The burgeoning star can be seen reprising his role as Troy on the hit show Community when the new season premieres Thursday, September 22 on NBC.