Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Make a Dash in Coordinating Outfits (PHOTOS)

Looks like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are well on their way to taking New York by storm! No surprise, the two were accompanied by a camera crew as they were spotted on the streets of the Big Apple.

The fashionistas played up a power blue hue by color coordinating their outfits -- matching Kourt's skirt to Kim's dress.  

Ever the business women, they headed into their family-owned store Dash to check up on things -- and do a little shopping! As they emerged from the shop, they both had an armful of shopping bags.

Both gals brought their boys along for the trip, and the guys seem to be getting along quite well. Kim's new hubby Kris Humphries was spotted hanging out with Kourt's main main Scott Disick. We smell bromace! 

Be sure to keep up with these two -- and the rest of their brood -- Sundays on E!


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  • joanitah

    i certainly dnt care abt da kardashians they are so self absorbed. Atleast 4 a change lets hear kim n kourt opened up an orphange somewhere in africa. am tired ov kim always shopping arrgghh

  • joanitah

    i certainly dnt care abt kim hw i wish khloe was kim she's self absorbed

  • Jess g
    Jess g

    Ppl need to mind their buisness its not the kardashians job to save poverty in the world get over if up don't like them ignore them u obviously like them or u wouldnt care for them enough to take time out of ur life to talk about someone elses life!!!!

  • Lizzy

    I think that Kim K needs to get off of her high horse. I cant even believe she thinks she is royalty. She is a REALITY star and people watch her show because it is ENTERTAINMENT to see they act so foolish all the time. They think they are hot sh*t and its sick. It's sick that there are people out there in the world suffering from tragic accidents, losing homes and family members and Kim gets upset, panic style about lost $75,000 earrings. Give me a break. And her wedding band is ridiculous, as well as her engagement ring. It shouldnt be about the size of the ring, it should matter the love between you and your loved one. Ugh. And to have her wedding so over the top and on display for people...that should be your most sacred day, only spending it with family and close friends. I just cant even believe this family. I used to love them....but recently I cant even stand it. You're NOT anything close to royalty. Being royal is to be caring about others and helping those in need and not worrying about your plastic surgeries that you dont want people to find out about....Youre 30....and have lived in the sun....Youve had face work, just own it and get over it.

  • HoneyB

    I never did like their style of clothes