Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Attend Post-Wedding Celebration in NYC (PHOTOS)

The party isn't quite over for newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries! The reality star couple celebrated with their friends on the East Coast Tuesday night for A Night of Style & Glamour at NYC hot spot Capitale. 

Kim was a head-to-toe hottie in a cream-colored Victoria Beckham gown, while her NBA beau was dressed in a sleek suit. In attendance at the event included friends PR heavyweight Jonathan Cheban, Lala Vazquez and Kim's sister Kourtney Kardashian. 

Lala tweeted about the event, writing: 

"Me and @AngieBeyince..had a great night at @JasonBinn's party for @KimKardashian and @krishumphries! NYC!!"
Jonathan also tweeted to the happy couple, saying: 
"What an incredible Welcome to NY for @KimKardashian &@KrisHumphries! You guys killed @JasonBinn & @colincowie ! NY energy is back!"
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  • Ella

    ^ awkward... HAAHA

  • pamela

    beautiful dress kim!!

  • aisha

    wtf are you talking about some one's men get freaking life and get your self one '' this one is taken '' i hate negative ppl like you

  • Ayrianna

    Kim Is Beautiful , Her And Kris Are Perfect Together <3

  • Annie Serrano
    Annie Serrano

    Omg Kim I just want to meet yuh so badly!!!<3

  • Summer

    Nice, follow me on twitter @summerhighlite. Ready set Go!

  • stephy

    People keep talking about them. Every detail much be tweeted and paparazzi pics bought. Kim is trying to stay relevant. Kris is lucky to get off the bench.

  • Erica Nicole Vasquez
    Erica Nicole Vasquez

    Gosh he sure looks like a dumb fuck. Pardon my French but he just bugs me =/

  • sona

    get over yourself! they wanted to get married, they got married, that's all, that is non of our business

  • ebony

    Kim Kardashian is a b. I hate Kris Kumphries he was such asshole to Kim Kardashian family. I think that Kim and Kris Humphries are crazy to get married after knowing each other for 9 months. I think that Khole and Lamar are crazy to getmarried after knowing ecah other amonth. Lamar is ugly. Kris Humphores is ugly. They all get on my dman nerves.

  • AlaBella

    Didn't they cash in enough already with their wedding? seriously, their selling their life like that is not only annoying but also incredibly tacky