Kristen Stewart Appears in Marcus Foster's 'Broken' Music Video

<a href='' target='_new' title='MSN Exclusive: Marcus Foster - I Was Broken' >Video: MSN Exclusive: Marcus Foster - I Was Broken</a>
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Kristen Stewart isn't just Robert Pattinson's leading lady in Twilight, she's also the muse in the music video for Marcus Foster's song "I Was Broken."

The actress appears throughout the video, almost dream-like as a black and white image. The track is taken from his album Nameless Path, released Sept. 26. This song may sound familar to some Twi-hards.

Kristen looks gorgeous! Also K.Stew fans, if you are wondering she is wearing the Patti tee by Market.

"I Was Broken" was covered by K-Stew's boyfriend Rob before! Take a listen below! Rob and Marcus have been friends since they were kids and make up what some call the Brit Pack. 

Who do you think sings the song best: R. Patz or musician Marcus Foster? Sound off in the comments!

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  • M

    just watch marcus performing it live. THAT rips your heart out.

  • M

    buy his album then. out 26th :)

  • Vicky Wang
    Vicky Wang

    I love it!Kristen's awesome!!

  • gaga

    Markus sings that song in a Studio where they can find the best Mix, Rob's is a live performance , some fan taped it so this is raw and untouched...I personally think ,that Rob gives that song more rips your heart out, Sam is singing it almost to carefree..I like both voices but THAT Song has to be sung by Mr. Pattinson

  • Elena

    I love it. She is so beautiful <3 Love you Kristen¡¡¡

  • marisol

    wow, he's got a great voice! She looks gorgeous here. I always thought of her as girl next door but this summer's just busted out with some real beauty.

  • lovethissong

    Love this song,this artist is great..good music I will check his album out. Kristen Stewart looks great!! this video has alot of emotion and she fits right in there..She is soo beautiful!!!

  • courtneybaaaby

    this guy, ive never heard of, never heard his music, but wow, his voice is just so nice and beautiful, such a great voice, please keep singing mate

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    Kristen has this wonderful authenticity and catchy, beautiful

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    A gesture of love and friendship, she agreed only because he is friend! kristen this intense and deep, I loved the clip and I'm more a fan of Marcus Foster!! too nice

  • haha fact check
    haha fact check

    Let ME Sign. Fact Check...

  • vanessa

    This song may sound familar to some Twi-hards. “I Was Broken” was covered by K-Stew’s boyfriend Rob before! chill twi-hards it doesn't say it was on the soundtrack

  • PooOnYou

    You must be blind because without a stitch of makeup on she looks great with those haunting eyes. I guess it's your opinion if she ugly and plain but when you say boring what do you suggest she does? Start dancing like a video vixen? Drop it's like it's hot? Her troubled, sadden, heartbreaking expression goes with the song you hater.

  • Rose

    F off, you nonbert!

  • Rose

    God, kristen is so ugly and plain and boring.

  • Talia

    I used to hate kristen for being so awkward, but now I find it sorta charming. She's really grown on me. Nice song.

  • cici

    lmao off at people saying rob sings it better. rob has a good voice, but it's very raw sounding still and needs some discipline and control. Marcus has that lush quality to his voice like rob's WITH the technical prowess instilled. Let's not let our love for rob cloud our judgement.

  • coral

    Wow, that's a beautiful song. I don't really pay attention to rob's ffriends the way a lot of his fans do, but this guy is really talented! kristen looks beuaitufl in black and white too.

  • silky

    R.patz sings it better, real nice rob, and to marcus great sounds

  • malia

    kristen looks beautiful and marcus is really talented, I think he's the most talented of the brit pack actually. rob's interesting as a singer, but marcus has some serious pipes on him.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    "Let Me Sign" was in the movie - but correct - not on the soundtrack.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    the article never said it was on the Twilight soundtrack. Check YOUR facts.

  • emma

    Thats sounds just like Mumford and sons! ;o

  • laur

    That was AWESOME!

  • Jaymestewpattz

    Wow! She is so amazing , beautiful and to render her face to this lovely music is so endearing. Marcus is so talented. && Rob- is just otherworldly!!! I will be buying this album for sure!!!

  • Sara Holm
    Sara Holm

    Never Think was the only song Robert sang on the soundtrack. You have got this all backwards. But otherwise, Kristen is lovely I can't wait to see this video. <3

  • lilith51

    The song is heart-breakingly brilliant. Kristen is stunningly gorgeous in this video. She just has this aura that suits the song, reminds me a lot of her brief but memorable performance in Into the Wild.

  • Rosanna

    Umm, not sure where you heard that, but this song was not on the Twilight soundtrack...for any of the movies. Never Think and Let Me Sign were both in the movie, but the former was the only one that made it onto the official soundtrack. 'I was broken' has not appeared in anything Twilight related.

  • chris

    I was broken was NOT on the Twilight soundtrack. The song on the Twilight soundtrack was Let Me Sign. Rob just sang this song in a bar is all.

  • Guest

    Did someone steal your moniker a few days ago? Because the poster kept saying that they were broken up, etc. etc. And that doesn't sound like you.

  • oniszko2

    He even says that the song is Marcus Fosters, he is just singing it.

  • oniszko2

    I think that Rob sings it better, he puts his heart and soul into his musci....Beautiful,

  • Nina

    She looks really good here...This kind of amuses me since it will drive all the people who hate on her crazy. I doubt his good friend would have her in a music video that looks to have been shot recently if any of the break up speculation was true.

  • SheriBella64

    You are so right, Rosie!! I don't know why people think it was on the soundtrack - it's just on YouTube. I love both of the guys' styles but I think Rob is more earnest in his take on it. Rob's guitar playing is out of this world and that just adds so much to it!! I am so glad that Kristen is in Marcus' video - a beautiful girl who just gets it no matter who she is portraying!!

  • Rosie

    Yeah... I was Broken wasn't on the Twilight soundtrack. Let it Sign and Never Think were... I was Broken was covered by him never on Twilight. Fact Check...

  • andrea1990

    OMG I love his songs & I like her too, amazing =)