Lacey Schwimmer: Chaz Bono is All Man, Will Surprise on 'DWTS'

Lacey Schwimmer and Chaz Bono
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Dancing with the Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer says it makes no difference that her partner Chaz Bono was born "Chasity" -- because now he's all man.

Calling into Phoenix radio show "Johnjay and Rich" on 104.7 KIIS FM Thursday, said she considers Bono to be completely masculine.

"The fact of the matter is, he's a full man, in every shape or form," she said, according to audio of the interview obtained by RadarOnline.

"Everybody should just get over it and accept him and accept him as a human being," Lacey added. "He's so brave and it's really good to be a part of it with him!"

As far as Chaz's dancing ability, she says there's hope! "I think he's gonna shock people with his performance," Lacey said. "I've seen progress and potential, and for me, that's exciting as a teacher."

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  • Jerome Truitt
    Jerome Truitt

    Your totally missing the point. Bottom line Chaz is NOT a man and no amount of justification will ever change that. When she can put her penis inside a woman and make a baby then I will consider her a man. When she changes on the GENETIC level from XX to XY I will consider her a man. She has the right to live her life however she wants as long as she isnt hurting anyone, but I'm not gonna teach my kids that this woman is now a man because she had a superficial operation, that is fallacy and that is what I take issue with.

  • Mishka

    Seriously, grow up. Worry about your own chromosomes and genitals. Get the stick out of your ass and look around. Why so judgemental? Chaz (and other people who are transgendered) is doing what HE wants to do with his life and what it takes to make him happy. Perhaps, You should focus what's INSIDE a person, their mind and soul. Other than whats between their legs. You're missing oppurtunities to be friends and meet really nice people. But nooo, too busy judging others. Get over yourself. You are not perfect. Shame. People like you do nothing to make the world a better place.

  • Brigitte

    Its always so surprising yet humorous how uptight and judgmental Americans are. Why do you feel so threatened by anyone different? I believe Chaz is just trying to live his life. You people need to get over yourselves.

  • Jen

    All of you saying it's gross and wrong need to seriously grow the fuck up.

  • Jen

    Why do you all care what someone else does with his or her life? Why is it any of your concern? Why do you think you are in any position to say what is right and wrong for other people to do, when they are harming no one? This country was founded on the concept of freedom of choice. You think it's a tragedy that someone else has found happiness. People like you, so full of yourself on your high horse, preaching your own beliefs, are why everyone else in the world hates Americans. Get over yourself, sheep.

  • Wendall Paul Sexton
    Wendall Paul Sexton

    How did we ever devolve into a society where anything and all things are permissable? Its very disappointing to hear Lacey try and justify this for the PC crowd. I realize she's a bit of a rebel, but going along with this tragedy is sad. There are standards our country should follow, and just because mad scientist can do this to a woman who has been deluded into believing she is a man doesn't make it right.

  • grumpybutt

    "All man" my ASS !!!!

  • Sharon

    I am rooting 4 U...

  • Pcat

    Gross! So, now Chaz is a straight man and "his" partner is now straight too? What a joke. When she said "he's all man" I'm thinking for who? If you did a chromosome test "he" would still be a she with two xx not xy. Can't produce sperm, doesn't have a prostrate, or an adam's apple. Just a girl on male hormones and as soon as she quits them she's back to being a girl with a hysterectomy and mastectomy.


    As a man, I take offense. Chastity Bono is not a man, she is a woman who is trying to act like a man. If I grow a set of tits, am I a woman?

  • julesmarie

    Sure, he's a John Goodman...

  • sknott

    sorry mistake...ALL MAN...minus the penis..hum

  • sknott

    Yea....all amn, just minus the penis. Good Lord and go figure.