Mark Wahlberg Launches New Studio Project for Teens

Battle of the Hot Marks!
Which Mark reigns supreme?
When he’s not making Oscar-nominated movies, Mark Wahlberg is still hard at work — doing good in the community.

The actor teamed up with The Taco Bell Foundation for Teens, which has been doing their part to keep our teens at their best (and we don’t just mean the food!). Yesterday saw the grand opening of  “Graduate to Go Studios” at Boys & Girls Club Los Angeles.

 The “Graduate to Go” Studio program is a mentor-based initiative with a year-round agenda of projects in video and music production. Mark Wahlberg advised on the technical aspects of the studio and job shadowing opportunities, and presided over the studio launch at the L.A. Harbor Boys & Girls Club. The club provides behind-the-scenes production experience inspiring teens to graduate from high school.

The launch of the studio at the Boys & Girls Club of L.A. Harbor featured a ribbon cutting ceremony, tour of the new studio and a roundtable conversation on why real-world experiences inspire teens.  Teens also had the opportunity to work directly with Mark Wahlberg and showcase their original recordings.

Who better to inspire teenagers to stay interested in school than The Fighter himself? Sounds like a good role model to us!