Readers Respond: Do You Believe Marc Anthony Didn’t Cheat on Jennifer Lopez?

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced in July that they were separating after 6 years of marriage, and slowly but surely, reports of why the two split started making their rounds.

One such rumor was that Marc was getting a little too close with his HawthoRNe co-star Jada Pinkett Smith (whose marriage to Will Smith is also in a bit of hot water itself). However, Marc attempted to put that rumor to rest by appearing on Good Morning America on Wednesday. While he said nothing went down between himself and Jada, do YOU believe him?

We asked our readers on Facebook what they thought, and this is what you guys had to say.

Monica D. said: “Nope because he looks like a dog!”

Laquita H. said: “If he said he didn’t then he didn’t, why would he say that he did cheat? I don’t think he cheated, why must you assume it was him?”

Jessie F. said: “all men will deny cheating. either way i love jennifer and marc i named my daughter after marcs oldest daughter. i hope htey get back together”

Michelle A. said: “Only people that know are him and the other person. Who cares really.”

Monica D. said: “Jennifer is hot and I think she doesn’t want to be a sex symbol what you want her to always walk around in pants covered from toe to toe. She is fit and can fault her curves if she is a mom or not.”

Juliana S. said: “Marc anthony has the reputation of being a control freak , great singer though but jlo ur better off…”

Angela C. said: “That’s between the two of them. I personally don’t care who did what. They are both successful, have 2 beautiful children and have the right to live their lives as they see fit. It didn’t work out. End of story. Move on. They have.”