VMAs Bump Up Album Sales for Britney Spears, Young the Giant, Beyonce & More

Britney Spears at the 2011 VMAs
Brit's VMA Tribute
Miss Spears will get the royal tribute treatment. Watch »

Good news, everybody! Now only were this year's VMAs the highest rated of all time (!!!) but the acts that were featured are seeing a huge increase in sales. 

Britney Spears won the night's first award and was later honored with a tribute. Her song "Till The World Ends" blew up on the iTunes singles sales chart with by a whopping 85-percent spike.

Another act saw over a 200-percent increase.

Following the Sunday's award show, Young the Giant's "My Body" went up by to 223-percent, putting them in the second slot on the alternative singles charts.

"Playing the VMAs was a surreal experience. We were proud to be the only rock band there. We really just wanted people to enjoy our performance and remember what it's like to be at a rock show,” the band told MTV. "We are truly humbled by the amazing reaction we've been getting and still reeling from having had the chance to play on such a huge stage. Thanks to everyone who helped us get to this point."

Beyonce, Adele, Pit Bull and Foo Fighters are among others who saw a huge sale bump thanks to the VMAs. Good job, MTV!



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    aaw i love me some britney

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    Good for Britney. The only one from her generation to accomplish an enormous cultural impact.

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    was this in an episode of teenwolf or something?? i remember hearing it somewhere :p

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    yay for beyonce