Why Did Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Visit a Medical Building? (PHOTOS)

Nothing to see here people! Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux were spotted exiting a medical building together on Wednesday, launching some blogs to speculate Jen is either pregnant or she was seeking treatment for a surfing accident gone wrong while on vacation in Hawaii.

Here is what Jen's rep Stephen Huvane says about the visit:

"She did not hurt her knee surfing in Hawaii."

In fact, Aniston's doctors appointment was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Her knee injury happened many months ago and she gets treatments for it on a regular basis," adds Huvane.

Glad to hear Jen and Justin's Kauai trip was accident free! 



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  • michellec

    Still smoking her butts here.

  • carla

    why would they address the knee issue and not the whole pregnancy rumors?

  • charlie

    haha lol all ur comments crack me up ur so funny hahahhahaha

  • courtneybaaaby



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