Celebuzz Catches Up with Funny Lady Molly Shannon! (VIDEO)

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The hilarious Molly Shannon is going from funny lady to children’s author! 

Naturally as a Hollywood mom to son Nolan and daughter Stella, her kids helped inspire the new book, titled “Tilly the Trickster.”

She tells Celebuzz that playing pranks is a family tradition!  When they were really young, she used to dress up Nolan as Stella and vice versa, tricking various people they encountered and falling into fits of laughter when they were called by the wrong names.

She’s also finding balance in her life — which includes low calorie sweet treats from Skinny Cow Candy. Her favorites include the wafers, which are only 100 calories!

Don’t worry, she will of course continue her work on screen — she’s in upcoming episodes of The Middle and is currently working to voice the character of Wanda in Hotel Transylvania.

Watch the video to see more with Molly!